Queer Horror

The 2003 Queer Horror Awards

2003 had some great entries into the genre. Strangely while gay male entries are increasing in frequency, there are extremely few lesbian or transsexual items being created.

Best overall
Vampire Thrall by Michael Schiefelbein
A follow up to Vampire Vow, this story was much better written. Not recommended for those who strongly believe in the Christian God.
Best novel
Vampire Thrall by Michael Schiefelbein
A gay vampire novel that follows up Vampire Vow. Not recommended for those who strongly believe in the Christian God.
Best short story collection
Mastes of Midnight by Michael Thomas Ford, William J. Mann, Sean Wolfe, Jeff Mann
Four great gay vampire stories.
Best movie
The Hole by Wash West
The first pornographic winner of a queer horror award. This movie is a gay porn remake of 'The Ring', and is a relatively faithful rendition of the story.
Honarary Mention
Escape from Fire Island by James H. English
An unusual, and silly, entry into the genre. This choose-your-own-adventure story features zombie drag queens.

Late entries

A few entries came out during 2003, but were not able to be included in the decision process. These included:

  • Kiss Me, Kill Me by Michael Karol
  • Horror House by Andrea D'Allasandra
  • Faked to Death (Simon Kirby-Jones Mysteries) by Dean James
  • A Taste for Blood by Diana Lee

2003 Award Nominations


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