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Devil and Danny Webster, The

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  • Devil and Danny Webster, The
  • Author: Richard Lawrence
  • Director: Richard Lawrence
  • Producer: Larry Bronco
  • Year: 1991
  • Country: US
  • 80 minutes
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A Faustian spoof with a gay twist. Danny Webster longs to meet Mr. Right, but he can't compete with all the sun-bronzed gym gods strutting through his West Hollywood neighborhood. So Danny spends his nights at home watching old movies and hoping for a miracle. Enter the Devil himself, with the offer of a lifetime. Danny Webster can be the most desired guy in town and have all the sex he wants for the next ten years, but then the devil gets his soul.

Qvamp says:

As a porn movie, it was okay. The actors seemed to enjoy having sex with each other, and there were a wider variety of types than there are in many movies.

This movie did NOT have much in common with the movie on which it was based The Devil and Daniel Webster. Other than the devil promising something that the person wants, this movie was completely different. It's a shame that while ripping off a title of a classic, no one involved in this could be bothered to watch the original.

Devil content was minimal, though Danny does have sex with him. A couple of guys have blood dripping from their mouths for a couple of seconds. Oh, and they do mention the musical Damn Yankees.

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