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Devil is a Bottom

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  • Devil is a Bottom
  • Author: Bud Light
  • Director: Bud Light
  • Producer: Dan Kross
  • Year: 2000
  • Country: US
  • 90 minutes
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One night, the three boys are fooling around and one recites the Lord's Prayer backwards in a mirror, and the devil appears. He promises them each one wish, which are then granted. The wishes are fairly predictable and include wealth, love, and a 'big dick'.

A year later, the devil e-mails the boys and tells them that he's coming to collect their souls. He sucks them into the mirror and into hell.

Qvamp says:

The movie was not terribly inspired, though this is probably the only porn that used the word 'Faustian' that I'm aware of.

However, I will say this, Blake Harper makes a great devil.

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