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Demon's Coronation

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  • Demon's Coronation
  • Author: William J. Lambert, III
  • Publisher: Greenleaf Classics, Inc.
  • Year: 1971
  • Country: US
  • 159 pages

castration, incest

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Sequel to Demon's Stalk. Machinations continue as Anaroth recruits beautiful people for his New Hell and attempts tying up the loose ends still remaining.

The story begins eighteen years after the final page of Demon's Stalk. The twins, result of the incestuous union of brother and sister, Serge and Jeni, have been born, one long-since sacrificed as key part of the demon's coronation.

Can Anthony, growing old and impotent, his powerful adversaries with the advantage of youthful immortality, still derail the demon's long-term plans -- even though Anthony knows his penchant for attractive young men and the likelihood that Anaroth will, for not the first time, use that, and the enticement of renewed sexual vigor, against him? Not bloody likely!

Qvamp says:

A rather difficult to understand book with many characters in it. Virtually every character in it is a gay male, and has gay monsters getting it on with humans and monsters alike.

The story starts 18 years after Demon's Stalk leaves off, continuing the demon's plans to overthrow the current Hell. Due to the nature of the story violence is not in short supply.

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