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Too Beautiful

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  • Too Beautiful
  • Author: Lambert Wilhelm
  • Publisher: Parisian Press
  • Year: 1972
  • Country: US
  • 147 pages
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The incredible beauty and calculating wherewithal of Christopher Michaela allowed him to successfully take his human form with him into Hell itself, seating him on the immediate right of Lucifer's throne, and allowing him to be taken by Satan into 'The Demon's' bed. Christopher's long-laid plans for exaltation, even above and beyond the plans Lucifer has for him, are suddenly threatened by the sudden physical attraction this calculating demon unwillingly experiences for young, handsome, and very mortal Rhynn Carlyle.

Qvamp says:

A book to challenge anyone's belief that anything, including the hierarchy of Hell, is ever static. This gay demon pulp novel focuses on demonologists, out for power, knowledge, or the enticement of evil, contacting the very demons of hell, and the inevitable consequences.

The focus of the story is on beauty. Though many seek it in their partners, the ones who have it are not guaranteed to be good. And even knowing this, the allure of beauty is too strong for many to resist.

An older demonologist is seduced by a young man who wants him to call the infamous Christopher Michaels back from the demon plane. Though the demonologist knows this is folly, he does so - damning himself in the process. As we learn more about Christopher, we find out that though he is cold, he may not be frigid. But even love may not be enough to stop his ruthless pursuit of power.

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