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Satan's Stud

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  • Satan's Stud
  • Author: Len Harrington
  • Publisher: GX, Inc.
  • Year: 1972
  • Country: US
  • 185 pages

child rape, torture

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A young lad comes to New York and begins hustling. No one knew where he came from, this gorgeous, young stud hustler, and he himself couldn't even remember. He finds a runaway and takes the boy home to use him. At least until he finds out that he's been used. In his anger, he rapes and almost kills a child, but is seen by a passer-by. Realizing that he must leave the city, he robs a church and uses the money to go to LA.

While there, he is picked up by a Hollywood executive that brings him to a satanic orgy-cult. Massive sex ensues, and the man that brings him home gets drunk allowing the boy to learn who he was. The lad blackmails the executive and gets himself a part in movies.

Each trip to the satanic cult seems to increase his power and soon he's known as the most sadistic star in Hollywood. His followers turn on him and threaten to screw him, so he makes a getaway in his car, and plunges over a cliff.

Qvamp says:

Like many other gay horror pulps, the story makes little sense, and the sex is often gross or disturbing. The guy may have had demonic origins, or he may have just been demonic, or maybe no demons were involves. Who knows?

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