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Gay Exorcist

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  • Gay Exorcist
  • Author: Michael Scott
  • Publisher: Micwood Publications, Inc.
  • Year: 1976
  • Country: US
  • 219 pages
book cover

Gay Lovers! Possessed by the devil!

'Brian never remembers anything that happens while he's in this--this state, or trance-- I don't know what to call it,' John resumed. 'He just goes rigid, stiff, all of a sudden.

'Brian moves around and makes noises exactly as though somebody were assaulting him. He even climaxes sometimes. He screams and yells-or talks, either in his own voice - or in this on.' John switched on the tape recorder and a deep, oily timber began to rumble horrible, cruel things.

Qvamp says:

An unusual book. Not surprisingly it came out a couple of years after 'The Exorcist' was turned into a movie, and carries the flavor of that movie.

In this book, a telephone repairman, Brian, meets a Satanist and has sex with him. The Satanist tells Brian that he looks a lot like his long lost lover and then tells Brian that he cannot leave. Brian escapes but the Satanist sends an Incubus to possess Brian in his sleep.

Brian gets possessed and his lover is unable to do anything about it, until he meets a priest who was ex-communicated because he was gay. The priest has performed exorcisms before and helps out Brian.

Towards the end, Brian and his lover help out the priest and his boy-toy to take on the Satanist once and for all.

For the time, the story is well-written and enjoyable. It is unusual in that it conveys the sense that the church is wrong about homosexuality and that a gay priest may have more of a connection to God than the straight men higher up in the church. It also shows that gays can be good, bad or anywhere in between.

Rating B-
Queer Vampire Rating B+
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