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Andre the Butcher

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  • Andre the Butcher
  • Author: Philip Cruz and James Hude
  • Director: Philip Cruz
  • Producer: Cruz, Philip and Hyde, James
  • Website: http://ricepowerproductions.com/
  • Year: 2005
  • Country: US
  • 87 minutes


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When a small group of decadent cheerleaders gets stranded on their way to the regional championship, they find refuge in an abandoned hunting lodge in the backwoods of Florida. As darkness falls, terror comes along in the form of local legend Andre the Butcher. All sinners must repent. For Andre is here to harvest souls for hell and turn human flesh into delicious chili.

Qvamp says:

A homophobic film. But while it despises male homosexuality (numerous comments, the most obvious one was when a guy incites a group by claiming 'Jesus was a fag.'), it does include straight-male lesbian fantasy content.

A female cheerleader is intrigued by the group slut, who turns out to be bisexual. The two of them end up having sex while two escaped male convicts watch.

The movie has some humorous points, but overall I would pass it by.

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