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Wynonna Earp

tv      fiction

  • Wynonna Earp
  • Editor: Emily Andras and Beau Smith
  • Director: various
  • Producer: various
  • Year: 2016
  • Country: Canada
  • 60 minutes
  5 point scale

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Qvamp says:

The main character's sister discovers her same-sex desires with a member of the police force, in a very male-centered fantasy sort of way. This is a style that continues throughout the series.

Season 2 includes a gay male character that starts off as a cowardly science-geek, but quickly devolves into a weak, cowardly and sex-obsessed stereotype of a character. Fortunately in Season 3, the producers start to undo this, creating a character that is stronger and more 3-dimensional, capable of keeping up with the gals and straight guys.

Rating C
Queer Vampire Rating B-
Amount of Gay Content same-sex relationship

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