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Ghost Kisses : Gothic Gay Romance Stories

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  • Ghost Kisses : Gothic Gay Romance Stories
  • Editor: Gregory L. Norris
  • Publisher: Leyland Publications
  • Year: 1994
  • Country: US
  • 159 pages
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He's the one, the man you used to believe in, the one who followed you through the walls of time to bring you roses. The knight who wore your memory for his shield. The prince who built, in your name, a castle from the ruins of a haunted house. The hero who valiantly risked his life to save yours. The man with those incredible eyes that looked right through you, but stopped to savor your soul. He's so handsome, it hurts to look upon him.

But take heart, because he's a one-man hero, and he's consumed with you and you alone. Who cares that he's a ghost? He reveres you with a love greater than time, body and gender. In all the world, his kiss is all that matters!

Eleven Gothic tales of selfless Gay love, for the man who hasn't forgotten what it was like to walk the twilight and wonder 'What if he's waiting?'

Qvamp says:

A collection of gay ghost (and some other supernatural creatures) stories. The stories are all written by the author and are heavier on building a Gothic atmosphere than they are on being horror.

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By: frozen ( apocalipsso@yahoo.com )
Overall Rating: A+     Queer ghost Rating: A+    

Bulgarian gay-gothic.



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