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Heaven's a Drag

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  • Heaven's a Drag
  • AKA:
    To Die For
  • Author: Johnny Byrne, Peter Mackenzie Litten and Paul McEvoy
  • Director: Peter Mackenzie Litten
  • Producer: First Run Features
  • Year: 1994
  • Country: UK
  • 96 minutes
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Britain's first gay mainstream movie. A stereotypical drag queen dies from AIDS but his hunky lover seems unable to mourn his loss and proceeds to return to his life of good times, discos and anonymous sex. That is, until a 'vengeful' ghost returns from the grave to offer his former lover advice -- from keeping his apartment clean to expressing his true feelings.

Qvamp says:

I kind of enjoyed this movie. It's not often that gay ghost movies actually have an element of horror. The tagline says 'Longtime Companion meets Topper with a dollop of La Cage Aux Folles!' - that pretty much sums it up.

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