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Uninvited, The

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  • Uninvited, The
  • Author:
  • Director: David Thompson
  • Producer: Vivid Men
  • Year: 1998
  • Country: US
  • 85 minutes

therapist having sex with a patient

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No Soul Is Safe! He lives thru time and never dies. He travels from host...to host, living the sexual fantasies of those he inhabits. Now as he sits in a hypnotist's office, he appears the patient. But in truth he is the examiner...of his next incarnation, perhaps?

Qvamp says:

The story is about a spirit that takes over men's bodies. At the very end the main character shows up with vampire's fangs and we don't know why. This 'vampire' scene is probably only five seconds in length.

In terms of horror content, one man is murdered by the spirit during the course of the film.

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