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Keeper of Secrets

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  • Keeper of Secrets
  • Author: Mark A. Roeder
  • Publisher: Writers Club Press
  • Year: 2002
  • Country: US
  • 336 pages
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Sixteen year old Avery is in trouble, yet again, but this time he's in over his head. On the run, Avery is faced with hardships and fear. He must become what he's always hated, just to survive. He discovers new reasons to hate, until fate brings him to Graymoor Mansion and he discovers a disturbing connection to the past. Through the eyes of a boy, murdered more than a century before, Avery discovers that all is not as he thought. Avery is soon forced to face the greatest challenge of all; looking into his own heart.

Sean is head over heels in love with his new boyfriend, Nick. There is trouble in paradise, however. Could a boy so beautiful really love plain, ordinary Sean? Sean cannot believe it and desperately tries to transform himself into the ideal young hunk, only to learn that it's what's inside that matters. Keeper of Secrets is the story of two boys, one a gay youth, the other an adolescent gay basher. Fate and the pages of a hundred year old journal bring them together and their lives are forever changed.

Qvamp says:

This story of ghosts and redemption follows up after Someone Is Killing the Gay Boys of Verona.

Unusual in the field of ghostly gay horror is that a large portion of this story is devoted to watching a fag basher deal with his own homophobia and become a better person (learning to accept the consequences of what he has done, rather than being destroyed in a horrid way).

Overall, the story deals with the well-traveled, if slightly-uncomfortable area of teens-in-love, but does add in some nice nuances such as older gay men that serve as mentors rather than chicken hawks, and a homophobe who learns gays aren't different from himself.

The story still deals with some tough issues, such as parents who abandon their kids when they discover they're gay, and even parents who would rather see their kids dead than in love with a member of the same sex. But overall, the story is very gay positive.

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