Queer Ghosts


book      fiction

  • Shadows
  • Author: Kurt Kreisler
  • Publisher: Blueboy Library
  • Year: 1978
  • Country: US
  • 178 pages

watersports, unsafe sex

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Thad and Eddie's country home becomes the scene of horror and intrigue when Eddie mysteriously disappears night after night. How can it be that he goes out alone -- the boy is blind! Thad, his devoted lover, begins to have nightmares of fire which take on reality and his suspicion of Eddie's involvement forces him to decide whether to stay or to run!

Qvamp says:

This gay ghost pulp novel is one of the few that actually tries to include an element of horror within the story. Granted the story exists mostly to frame a number of sexual situations, but the attempt is still appreciated.

Eddie moves into a new house and soon meets a blind boy who claims to have lived there prior, with another man. The two soon become lovers and Eddie finds himself dreaming of fire every night.

The problem is compounded when the boy's old lover shows up. All too soon, a fire spontaneously breaks out in the house. Eddie escapes and discovers there was a previous fire there; a fire that killed the boy and man he had met.

Oh, and he gets raped by other ghosts too

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