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  • Beetlejuice
  • AKA:
    The Maitlands
  • Author: Michael McDowell, Warren Skaaren and Larry Wilson
  • Director: Tim Burton
  • Producer: Michael Bender, Richard Hashimoto and Larry Wilson
  • Year: 1988
  • Country: US
  • 92 minutes
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A young, childless couple live in a beautiful house in New England. One day while driving home they are involved in a terrible auto accident. They manage to walk home only to discover later that they have died and now haunt their own house.

When their house is purchased by an out of state family, they feel their home is threatened by the over-the-top artistic wife and the real-estate idea-man husband. Their only relief comes from the Gothic daughter of the family.

Their attempts at scaring the family out of the house are ignored or laughed at. Finally they fall to the temptation to use the 'bio-exorcist' Betelgeuse. When they find his tactics too dangerous, they attempt to contain him and save the family they had been trying to get rid of.

Qvamp says:

A secondary character, Otho, is obviously gay, through use of the standard stereotypes. Though his orientation is never actually stated, it is alluded to by other characters during the film.

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User Ratings

Overall Rating: A     Queer ghost Rating: C+    

This movie was very funny, creepy, and entertaing. My Queer horro rating is a C because of the lack of homosexuality in this movie.


By: Todd Surfs ( toddsurfslbca@yahoo.com )
Overall Rating: A     Queer ghost Rating: D    

There is no gay content in this one.


By: BlackMoth ( noirmoth@gmail.com )
Overall Rating: B+     Queer ghost Rating: D    

Though not a Queer movie, You shouldn't turn away from Beetlejuice.

Directed by Tim Burton, known for other movies like Nightmare before Christmas, Sleepy Hollow, and other classics, Beetlejuice follows the afterlife stories of a newlydead couple as they cope with the reality that they are spiritually bound to their house. Their being thrown into this strange new way of life is the least of their worries, as a new family moves into their place. The daughter of the family happens to be the only person who could see the newlydead couple, but even with her help they can't get the new family out of the house. With nowhere else to go, they go to meet the man himself, Beetlejuice, and thats where the madness begins.

A classic in itself, I would rate this a B+, for its awesome story and memorable characters. Always brings a smile to my face. The Queerhorror rating, I'll put as a D. There IS a 'Fruity' Character, but he's less than memorable, and mostly a yesman.

If you want to see a movie with thrills, chills, and the occasional spill, check out Beetlejuice!



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