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  • Fake
  • Author: Akinori Endoh and Sanami Matoh
  • Director: Iku Suzuki
  • Producer: Hiroaki Yamamoto
  • Year: 1996
  • Country: Japan
  • 60 minutes
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Meet Dee Latener and his half-Japanese partner Randy (call me Ryo) McLane, a couple of detectives in New York's 27th Precinct. Not only does this pair of crime-fighting crusaders chase down criminals, but Dee can't stop chasing Ryo either. Is it just his dark hair and dark eyes that attract him so, or is it something more...

Tired of the daily city grind, our heroes set off for a vacation in England, to relax, enjoy themselves, and if our gay cop Dee has his way with Ryo... But when Japanese Americans start turning up dead outside Dee and Ryo's hotel, the ever vigilant mismatched investigators become embroiled in the local crime scene. Although their hotel had seemed to be the perfect secluded little romantic rendezvous, things don't turn out quite the way they had hoped.

Qvamp says:

For those of us raised in non-Japanese households, this is an unusual entry. Filled with very open portrayals of hyper-masculine same-sex desire, this Anime is nevertheless odd from a western point-of-view.

The gay content is very much on the forefront, and would no doubt be minimized if not completely removed by a standard American release.

This films is a fun and unusual diversion from generalized American queer horror fare. Though this is done as a 'cartoon' and the characters do not react in ways that American audiences would expect, the same sex desire is hot and obvious -- though the 'horror' content is minimal.

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