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A lot of fans want to propose an additional book, movie or TV show to be added to QueerHorror.com. If you know of something that should be listed here but isn't, we want to add it. The best way you can help is to give us as much information about this item as possible. Simply copy and past the following into an e-mail and fill in the information.

Type (choose 1): book/ movie/ tv/ other (define)

Style (choose all): horror/ vampire/ werewolf/ demon/ ghost/ zombie/ dystopia/ thriller/ other (define)


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Country produced in:

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Reprint info:

Short description (about 3 sentences)

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Keywords (search terms that people might use to find it):

Orientation (choose any): gay/ lesbian/ bisexual/ transgdender/ straigh

Comments (what did you think of it, what makes it queer, why is it horror-related):

Amount of gay content (choose one closest): none/ homoerotic/ alluded to/ affection shown/ kissing/ same-sex relationship/ making out/ sex/ porn

Provide warnings

How much nudity

How much sex

How much violence

How much rape

How much BDSM

Any other warnings (list):

What rating would you give it in general?

What rating would you give it in a queer horror context?

Please attach a scan of the book cover or movie cover

If you are an author, director or somehow related to the item, would you be willing to give an interview?

Note: All items have to be confirmed. If you are an author, director or somehow related to the item, please also state how QueerHorror.com could get a reviewer's copy and/or press kit about the item.

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