Queer Horror

Interview with David DeCoteau

Name: David DeCoteau
Occupation: Filmmaker
Orientation: Gay
URL: http://www.RapidHeart.com/

The Brotherhood

The Brotherhood II: Young Warlocks

Voodoo Academy

I've had the pleasure of viewing a number of David's films and was glad when he agreed to an interview. In the genre of Queer Horror, there are not many people actively pushing the boundaries, but David is one of them. His focus is in making B-movies, but he does them with a wonderful twist. A traditional element of the B-movie genre is the scantily clad female. Often times running after having her shirt torn away, she is part and parcel of the genre.

What David does is reverse the formula by objectifying the male body. His movies contain many queer elements such as characters coming out, long shots of a chiseled chest or a shapely (male) calf. A few of his movies even have half naked men writhing around in bed together. David is helping to transform B-movies to make them more inclusive of the rest of us.


What have you written and/or directed?
I've directed and produced many feature films. Some of which have a gay sensibility. Some are more overt - Leather Jacket Love Story being on one of those. The Brotherhood and Voodoo Academy have tremendous gay appeal as do their soon to be released sequels The Brotherhood 2: Young Warlocks and Voodoo Academy 2: Noturnalizer.

What inspired you to write/film this type of story?
I have always wanted to make movies that I wanted to see. I don't conciously include any political point of view. The fact that I work primarily in the B Movie industry, most of the films are a little extreme. There are only a few openly gay directors making B movies.

Are there any movies (or books) that specifically inspired your love of horror?
Interview with a Vampire, The Hunger and Whatever Happened to Baby Jane. There was a knock off of Baby Jane made in the 70's called Whatever Happened to Aunt Alice. A campfest with Geraldine Page and Helen Hayes beating the crap out of each other - ripe for an all drag remake.

How has the gay community reacted to your movies?
Since my movies are released direct to video and late night cable they tend to fly below the radar. But the gay folk that have seen the movies have been very cool.

Have you had any frightening fans?
Sometimes Bradley Stryker's fan mail can be a little shocking but I think its all in fun. I had dinner with Bradley one night and we were talking about his amazing amount of fan mail. He was really happy to see the movie has made him kind of a mini super star.

Who's Bradley Stryker?
Bradley Stryker was the sexy blonde vampire dude in The Brotherhood.

When did you first start becoming aware of your orientation?
At birth.

Any future projects in the works?
Oh, honey! Many more to come!

Where can people get your movies?
I suggest you go to your nearest Blockbuster Video and ask for them or go to amazon.com to purchase.

Last updated 10/25/01

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