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Galaxy of Ghouls

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  • Galaxy of Ghouls
  • Editor: Judith Merril
  • Publisher: Lion Library
  • Year: 1955
  • Country: US
  • 192 pages
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Creatures of darkness... and other worlds.

The Vampire: he needed human blood to live -- what was he to do when mankind died out?

The Mermaid: she came from beneath the sea -- and left a soul-shaking secret behind her

The Invader: he fathered a child of an Earth-woman -- but forgot the fury of a woman scorned

The Werewolf: it was the mating season -- would he take a woman ... or a she-wolf?

The Explorer: no human being could survive on the giant planet, so he had to become ... something else

The Last Man on Earth: he was alone -- until he found the last woman

Sixteen top authors tell the stories of these and other fantastic beings who live in the strange universe off the beaten orbit.

Qvamp says:

Contains the story 'Share Alike', by Jerome Bixby and Joe E. Dean, featuring a vampire and a human, thrown together out of necessity, but developing a very intimate bond.

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