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Out There : Stories of Private Desires, Horror and the Afterlife

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  • Out There : Stories of Private Desires, Horror and the Afterlife
  • Editor: Perry Brass and Tom Laine
  • Publisher: Belhue Press
  • Year: 1994
  • Country: US
  • 184 pages
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Evil and its seductive twin, Eros, lurk all over. Sometimes together, sometimes in battle. Out There takes you into the pounding heart of fear, lust, and ecstasy. Into horror, seduction, and the Afterlife itself.

What happens on a hostile, dark beach in Provincetown, Massachusetts? In the steamy swamps of the Texas/Louisiana border? In the sex-soaked grove of the vengeful phallic god Himself? 'Out There' tell you. And introduces you to a strange plaster doll, the reminder of an innocent man's burning at the stake centuries before; to a luminous child from the tombs of ancient Egypt, who can save you from the claw grip of death; to a Connecticut suburb where the 'Stepford wives' are men . . . and to the guests of a ghostly Halloween party held on the filthy floor of Manhattan's once notorious sex-bar, the Mineshaft.

Qvamp says:

I didn't find this book to be very impressive. Many of the stories became very strange rather than horrifying or erotic.

Rating D-
Queer Vampire Rating C+
Amount of Gay Content sex

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