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  • Poison
  • Author: Dennis Berry and Andreas Grünberg
  • Director: Todd Haynes
  • Producer: Zeitgeist Film
  • Year: 1991
  • Country: US
  • 85 minutes
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A trio of stories based on the writings of Jean Genet. The plot weaves together a disturbing sensuality with an off beat moral conscience. The disparate pieces fit like one outrageous jigsaw puzzle. It examines the motives behind a seven year old boy's murder of his own father, related the intriguing story of a scientist who isolates the sex drive in liquid form, and graphically explores the sexually obsessive relationship between two prison inmates. As the pieces snap into place, the tension intensifies!

Qvamp says:

Winner Grand Jury Prize 1991 Sundance Film Festival

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User Ratings

By: Jack ( perfectportablevibrator@yahoo.com )
Overall Rating: A     Queer horror Rating: B+    

This isn't really horror, but it is fantastic. Disgusting but beautiful and very well done.


By: Voyager640 ( jsheldon@ucsc.edu )
Overall Rating: A+     Queer horror Rating: A+    

Very disturbing, but very interesting.


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