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  • Breeders
  • Author: Tim Kincaid
  • Director: Tim Kincaid
  • Producer: Cynthia De Paula
  • Year: 1986
  • Country: US
  • 77 minutes
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When five Manhattan women are accosted under mysterious circumstances, the police think they have a twisted serial rapist on their hands. But as a detective and doctor soon discover, the reality is much worse. Tracing the source of the attacks underground - to a spot below the Empire State Building - they find an unstoppable alien presence that has infested an abandoned subway system and begun to reproduce itself - by impregnated human woman!

Qvamp says:

If you like gore and breasts (and that's it), this is the movie for you. Lame movie, but it does have a gay man in it in a minor role.

Rating D-
Queer Vampire Rating D-
Amount of Gay Content alluded to


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User Ratings

Overall Rating: F     Queer horror Rating: D-    

BREEDERS (1986) (Movie) - Oh my god was this an AWFUL movie... and I'm one of the least judgmental people you'll come across in B Horror -- I love SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE II for crying out loud! But this trash heap is beyond words.

An alien creature rapes and abducts young ladies in NYC and takes them to it's lair in the sewers to make them reproduce in a vat of sperm! Eeeewww!

There are ZERO scares or suspense, the effects are unbelievably laughable and the alien appears to be a guy in a Hefty garbage bag... I'm not exaggerating. The actors, especially the 'heroine,' are so wooden you can see them looking at cue cards from time to time. Additionally, the treatment of the women is absurdly offensive. It makes the misogynistic cult film THE TOOLBOX MURDERS look like a PG film. This is offensive to both sexes and even gives bad taste a new meaning.

Of course the main possessed villain is a gay boy, albeit a cute one, but come one... why is it always the closeted queers who go on the killing spree against women?

Avoid this junk at all costs.


By: Todd Surfs ( toddsurfslbca@yahoo.com )
Overall Rating: A     Queer horror Rating: A    

Sophisticated spin on Lovecraft. The leading man is absolutely beautiful.


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