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Night of the Living Bi-Dolls

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    Night of the Living Bi-Dolls
  • Author: Josh Eliot
  • Director: Josh Eliot
  • Producer: Catalina Video
  • Year: 1997
  • Country: US
  • 82 minutes
  5 point scale
Nudity:basis of the plot
Sex:basis of the plot
Night of the Living Bi-Dolls

Are you prepared for the absolute terror of Bi-Dolls? Well, they're back and this time they mean business! This is the final hilarious chapter in the Bi-Doll saga. The cast of the previous Bi-Dolls movies have been murdered and Sharon Kane and Chi Chi LaRue return to life as flesh-starved zombies. The movie starts out with a young couple having sex in a graveyard, and after sex they are attacked and killed by zombies.

Qvamp says:

"The title only makes sense if you realize that this is movie #3 of the 'Bi-Dolls' series, starting with Valley of the Bi-Dolls'.

This male-male centered bisexual porn (sorry, no women on women action in this one) focuses as much on campiness as it does on sexual situations. With only 4 sex scenes throughout, this movie has a bit of dialog. Actually somewhat styled after Night of the Living Dead. The dead come back to life and force a number of strangers together to defend themselves in a house.

I did enjoy the campiness of the video."

Rating B+
Queer Vampire Rating A
Amount of Gay Content porn


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User Ratings

By: Her ( vllyby1@aol.com )
Overall Rating: D-     Queer horror Rating: D+    

Josh & Chi Chi could do so much better. This was a bad script with all around bad sex, and boring to the end. But what do you expect from Catalina Video? A pioneer of gay porn, their movies seem to get worse and worse. If you want to do an XXX movie with B movie humor... get a better director, producer & actors! Or just get someone that can write a script! But I have to be fair, I did giggle a couple of times... but think it was from the bad sex (or Chi Chi's cameos).


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