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Twilight Come the Flesheaters, At

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  • Twilight Come the Flesheaters, At
  • Author: Vidkid Timo
  • Director: Vidkid Timo
  • Producer: Watershed Productions
  • Year: 1998
  • Country: US
  • 90 minutes


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A hilarious film that crosses Night of the Living Dead with The Women. Join Digiorno (Timo) and his pals as they gather one evening to watch a black and white zombie porn flick. In this dual storyline (filmed in both color and monochrome) it's difficult to tell who the real monsters are: the backstabbing 'friends' in the color sequences or the flesh-hungry, sex-crazed zombies in the black and white film-within-a-film sequences. Watch as his friends reveal their own monstrous sides!

Qvamp says:

A strange and extremely silly movie which centers around characters watching a gay porn remake of Night of the Living Dead.

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