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Fear No Evil

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  • Fear No Evil
  • Author: Frank LaLoggia
  • Director: Frank LaLoggia
  • Producer: Charles M. LaLoggia
  • Year: 1981
  • Country: US
  • 98 minutes

violence against animals

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For eons, three angels have been on Earth and have taken on human form to track down the incarnations of Lucifer. The current incarnation is a slightly effeminate 18-year-old, who is bullied and cruelly tormented at school. As his 18th birthday draws near, his Satanic powers begin to manifest and people begin to die.

On the night before Easter, people gather for religious celebration, while Andrew comes into his full Satanic powers, creating a Catholic riot, raising an army of the undead and taking psychic revenge on his tormentors.

Qvamp says:

There wasn't very much queer content in this one, but what there was in it, was very odd. The main character, Andrew, is somewhat effeminate. But instead of being a normal sissy gayboy of the time, Andrew is possessed by the devil.

In some ways, Andrew is the embodiment of homophobia retribution. In one scene, he forces a gym coach to kill a student with dodge balls. And after some bullies pick on Andrew in the shower by saying that 'he has a cute butt' and asking 'would he date them?' One bully forces Andrew to kiss him. Andrew 'gets back' the bully by using his satanic powers to make the bully grow breasts. After Andrew forces a passionate kiss back upon the bully. Ashamed at the kiss and his new body, the bully stabs himself to death.

Obviously this is NOT a homo-positive movie.

Rating D-
Queer Vampire Rating D-
Amount of Gay Content kissing


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User Ratings

By: qvamp ( doyle@visi.com )
Overall Rating: C+     Queer horror Rating: C    

Not a very good movie, but interesting in it's assumptions of 'queer' being 'evil'.


By: Caleb ( restoreatlanta@earthlink.net )
Overall Rating: D+     Queer horror Rating: C+    

Although, I found the plot of the movie crappy, and the acting even worse. I did find the shower scene very erotic even though none of the boys and enough meat between them to masturbate. Also the final scene by the lake with the attack of the undead strangling helpless NAKED, boys I found to be a real cum bringer.


By: Matthew ( mknapp@fnords.org )
Overall Rating: C-     Queer horror Rating: D-    

I saw this movie when it first came out in theaters in the summer of 1981. It was a big deal, as the movie was filmed in my Jr. High School. Sort of creepy to see our school on the big screen...but cool to see the places that were always locked up (like the basement.)

Overall, I remember laughing through this movie... it is not a very good one, but I do rent it on occasion when I want a nostalgia break.

The surviving archangel (julie) is very irritating. I did notice the gay content, and remember the entire theatre going 'ewwww' during the shower scenes.
The school was never the same after filming. It was always a very forbidding place, but creepier afterwards. One member of our class went on to commit murder in the area.


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