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  • Bride of Chucky
  • AKA:
    Child's Play 4 (1998) (USA) (working title)
    Child's Play 4: Bride of Chucky (1998) (USA) (working title)
    Chucky (1998) (USA) (working title)
    Chucky and His Bride (1998) (USA) (working title)
  • Author: Don Mancini
  • Director: Ronny Yu
  • Producer: Don Mancini and Corey Sienega
  • Year: 1998
  • Country: US
  • 89 minutes
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Chucky's ex-girlfriend decides to bring the psychotic killer Charles Lee Ray back from the dead. Shortly after the couple's reunion, Chucky kills her and brings her back in the form of a girl's bridal doll. Chucky and Tiffany then embark on a killing spree en route to dig up Ray's corpse, which was buried with the 'Heart of Omzilla,' a Satanic voodoo charm capable of allowing both of them to return to humanity in stolen human bodies.

To get there the two employ some unwitting hosts, two eloping high-school graduates. What follows is a highway killing spree of massive proportion.

Qvamp says:

The sidekick in this movie is a well portrayed (if somewhat stereotypical) openly gay man. Breaking from the trend of including throwaway queer characters in horror movies, this character is not killed by Chucky. Granted, he does not live until the end, but at least he dies in a different way - and not because he dared to be gay.

For film buffs, there is a strong parallel drawn between this movie and The Bride of Frankenstein. This connection is made extremely obvious during a scene where the action flips between what's occurring in the movie and The Bride of Frankenstein movie that a character is watching.

Rating A
Queer Vampire Rating A
Amount of Gay Content alluded to


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User Ratings

Overall Rating: A+     Queer horror Rating: C+    

Easily the best installment (this is CHILD'S PLAY 4)since the extremely scary original, BRIDE OF CHUCKY infuses a much more modern and hip sense of fun into the story, ala SCREAM. Jennifer Tilly is 'Tiffany,' the former girlfriend of Charles Lee Ray (Brad Dourif), who became Chucky (and has voiced him ever since). Seems Tiffany longs for her old beau and his murderous ways, so during a hysterical voodoo ceremony (in which she reads from the fictional book 'Voodoo For Dummies') she revives him, and uses a freaky boytoy (gay actor Alexis Arquette) as their first conjoined murder victim. Well, all does not goes as Tiffany hopes: See she wants to get married, but Chucky isn't the marrying type. Pissed off, she locks him in a crib until he changes his mind. He, of course, escapes, bumps her off, and, just for a good sense of revenge, transports her soul into a bridal doll. Now they're both trapped in plastic bodies, but realize that if they can retrieve an amulet from Chucky's former body (buried several hundred miles away) they can possess new bodies. So, Tiff calls up beyond adorable neighbor Nick Stabile (who we're glad to see frequently with his shirt off) and has him transport her 'dolls' to the location. But there's another story here...

Stabile takes his girlfriend (extremely likeable Katherine Heigl of tv's ROSWELL) along for the trip to get her away from an abusive uncle (John Ritter, whom you'd never expect to see in this kind of movie). Well, just as they begin their travels murders cascade and before you know it our teen heroes look guilty and go on the run with the killer toys.

Long winded plot summary, sure, but I haven't even given you all of the frequent twists and turns in this great genre flick. It's unique in that it's both funny AND scary. There's never a dull moment in Ronny Yu's fast and furious direction. To add, it's often visually gorgeous... again, something you wouldn't expect in a Part 4 of anything. In jokes about the horror genre are in great abundance, but since this was released only a short time after SCREAM, it still seems fresh and never forced. The climax is one of the best laugh out loud (intentionally) in horror history.

As for queer horror, the only two elements are seeing Stabile with his shirt off (we're talking freeze frame frequently here), and Heigl's gay best friend. While we finally have a gay teen who's not portrayed as a complete pansy, he does fall into the old 'I'm only here as the comic relief' cliche. And, once he's of no more use, he's violently knocked off (in an admittedly awesome and shocking kill scene). I kind of feel like gays are becoming the African-American's of horror cinema -- seen so filmmakers can say they acknowledge us, but never allowed to live even to the climax...

That being the only real flaw, check this one out! -- Jason Paul Collum


By: JoeRoyce2000 ( joeroyce2000@yahoo.com )
Overall Rating: A     Queer horror Rating: B+    

All in all a very good movie... especially for the demon-doll slasher genre. It was very witty with a good amount of well rendered gore. As for the queer horror aspect, while most of the movie was almost excessively hetero, there was a major gay character, the hero's best friend, who was very well portrayed. He was not a caricature, even though many of the other characters in the movie were. Very refreshing to see.


By: Paul ( kangas7701@yahoo.com )
Overall Rating: A+     Queer horror Rating: A+    

A terrific, fun horror film! In my opinion this is the best Chucky film yet!


By: HorrorseXual ( haute_tension6@hotmail.com )
Overall Rating: A+     Queer horror Rating: A+    

This is an awesome horror/comedy that only Ronny Yu knows how to do.


By: meandtheminibar ( Tori4pele@aol.com )
Overall Rating: A+     Queer horror Rating: C+    

Two words: Jennifer Tilly. Reason enough for an A+.

The death of the movie's irritating stereotypical gay character will be catharsis for anyone who's of the opinion gays need to be better represented in horror films.


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