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Handmaid's Tale, The

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  • Handmaid's Tale, The
  • Author: Margaret Atwood
  • Publisher: McClelland and Stewart
  • Year: 1985
  • Country: CA
  • 395 pages
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Conservative religious and political forces have forced a fundamentalist dictatorship onto the people of the United States. The country now calls itself the Republic of Gilead; a racist and misogynistic administration is in power. Because the wives of the ruling class are rarely fertile, a group of women are drafted to be 'handmaids,' surrogate mothers for the elite. One such handmaiden finds herself controlled and exploited at every turn.

Description reprinted with permission from Uranian Worlds.

Qvamp says:

Not technically 'horror', this is instead a dystopic view of the future (one that is pretty horrific in itself).

One of the main character's few friends was once involved in lesbian politics. Also mention is made of concentration camps that contain deviates, especially ones that involve lack of procreation - including gays and lesbians.

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By: Siga ( grenivuota@scorpio-rising.com )
Overall Rating: A+     Queer horror Rating: A    

This is a book with deep undercurrents, which lead to clear images that go sharply into your head and then stay there. I only brought the book today, but I'm already adoring it and looking forward to studying it in more detail for my English Language course.


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