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Attack of the Amazing Colossal Latino

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  • Attack of the Amazing Colossal Latino
  • Director: Brian Brennan
  • Producer: Brian Brennan
  • Year: 1995
  • Country: US
  • 120 minutes
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A condom testing lab brings over a Latin immigrant who is given a place to stay by the lab's owner. When the immigrant does not prove to 'measure up' to the owner's expectations, he is kicked to the curb. He is then beamed up by aliens and returned with an unusual growth rate. Now, he's angry and out for revenge.

Qvamp says:

This is supposed to be a silly, light-hearted gay look at the old b-horror giant sci-fi movies... but is fairly pointless. Action is tied together by a number of guys who the director decided looked Latin enough and were willing to have male/male sex on camera. One guy is picked up by aliens for no reason and returned with the ability to be projected as a giant behind a city foreground (unless New Yorkers are so jaded that a naked man as big as a sky scraper swinging his dick around isn't enough to make them react). Then, at the end he vanishes. As far as I can tell, this entire movie was based upon making fun of the phrase 'size queen'.

More sci-fi content than horror content

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