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Bending The Landscape : Horror

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  • Bending The Landscape : Horror
  • Editor: Nicola Griffith and Stephen Pagel
  • Publisher: Overlook Press
  • Year: 2001
  • Country: US
  • 384 pages

Nazi death camps

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Volume II of the award-winning collection of gay and lesbian short fiction exploring the horror genre.

On the heels of the phenomenal success and acclaim of Volume I (Science Fiction), Bending the Landscape: Horror brings together a tantalizing slew of truly 'horrific' tales guaranteed to provoke, entertain and inspire fear. Nicola Griffith and Stephen Pagel have, once again, compiled an exciting array of never-before-published stories both from talented newcomers and award-winning genre veterans. In Kraig Blackwelder's Coyote Love, a man wakes up in a stranger's bed, not knowing how he got there. Terror ensues as the reader is shown just how far a person is willing to go to deny reality. In The WereSlut of Avenue A, Leslie What shows us that change is not always a good thing as we witness what may or may not be a physical transformation into something inhuman. These stories, written by writers both gay and straight, incite fear and spur thought.

Qvamp says:

One of the best collections of queer horror that I have found. A few of the stories were really disturbing - which is not something that I feel regularly. This collection does a better job at melding together queers and horror so that the two work well together, instead of feeling that one or the other was tacked on as an afterthought.

This book won a 2001 Queer Horror award.

Rating A
Queer Vampire Rating A+
Amount of Gay Content sex

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By: TigerGuy ( tigerguyx3@aol.com )
Overall Rating: A     Queer horror Rating: A    

An excellent companion anthology to the fantasy first volume. I really enjoyed the first story, Coyote Love. Great read for those of us curious breeders.


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