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Brotherhood II, The : Young Warlocks

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  • Brotherhood II, The : Young Warlocks
  • AKA:
    Young Warlocks
  • Author: David DeCoteau
  • Director: David DeCoteau
  • Producer: Rapid Heart Pictures
  • Website: http://www.rapidheart.com/
  • Year: 2001
  • Country: US
  • 81 minutes
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This movie picks up where The Brotherhood left off. At the Chandler Academy a sinister warlock seduces three teen outcasts into his web of lust and depravity with the promise of popularity and admiration. Once his entourage of young warlocks is complete, he will obtain the most vengeful powers of Satan and raise hell on earth. At Chandler Academy ... cliques kill!

Qvamp says:

While not as homoerotic as 'The Brotherhood', 'The Brotherhood II' is another good
example of how male-male seduction can be used within horror genre. Many of us felt
awkward or unattractive while growing up, and could easily have been lead astray by an
attractive and confident man. Even if this man blackened our souls by encouraging us
towards becoming practicing heterosexuals.

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User Ratings

By: Voceangelo ( Voceangelo@aol.com )
Overall Rating: C+     Queer horror Rating: B    

Barely good enough to be a 'good' bad horror movie, homoerotic enough to keep me interested. The makeup on the 'bad kid'/demon/whatever he is looks like it came from one of those Halloween kits you can get at your local drugstore for a few dollars. Otherwise, it was cool. And, for those of you that have not seen it yet, rent it if only for the pool scene. (Don't ask me for details. The only thing I'm saying is - damn, that was hot.)


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