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There are unspeakable horrors to be found at the Sahara Salvation Bed & Breakfast, and not all of them involve the suspicious mincemeat muffins offered to guests when they check in! Totally tongue-in-cheek, this funny and sexy offering is a must for queer horror fans. On the eve of a monster circuit party, five wary couples arrive at this dusty and rundown bed & breakfast that has (hopefully) seen better days.

Along with the muffins, our guests are greeted by the hostesses Helen and her peculiar daughter, Luella. Among the guests are a drag-queen and his lover, 'Mr. Leather' Dom, (who always travels with his wandering eyes); preppy couple Alex and Mike; and Rodney and his 'trainer,' Todd, with whom he hopes to spend a hot weekend largely in bed!

Also in the guest register are a pair of power dykes who manufacture 'adult goodies' and Brenda with her wholesome folk singing lover, Starr. These girls are ready for a weekend of wife-swapping, but our hostesses have other plans: Homo-hating Helen enjoys killing queers for sport! When her daughter's lesbian tendencies surface, the guests had better hide the cutlery. And if that wasn't enough, her son simply likes to eat people -- straight or gay!

Qvamp says:

I liked the concept of the movie much more than the execution. It was great seeing a wide assortment of gay and lesbian stereotypes brought together and forced to interact, and the plot should have held it together. But overall I found the movie cute but not worth re-watching.

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