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Final Stab

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  • Final Stab
  • AKA:
    Final Scream (2001)
    Scream 4 (2001)
    Scream 4: Final Chapter
  • Author: David DeCoteau and Matthew Jason Walsh
  • Director: David DeCoteau
  • Producer: Gary Barkin
  • Year: 2001
  • Country: US
  • 81 minutes
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Angela's sister wants to make a revenge game up on her, inviting to mystery farm her old friends, to participate into a game with fake blood and knifes - but Angela and her disturbed boyfriend Charlie were not supposed to know about the fake part. But what starts as a little friendly game, get dark and bloody with real deaths - and sure, real blood and knifes.

Qvamp says:

Though the gay element was included fairly late in the movie, in theory it's integral to the plot.

In the last few minutes of the movie, we learn that the main male character and one of the other guys are lovers. The hostess of the 'murder weekend' is blackmailing the two of them and threatening to expose their secret.

Unfortunately, the 'surprise' of the affair between the two men is shoved in at the end. It doesn't really surprise, nor does it really seem to matter.

This is not the best of DeCoteau's movies, and is not overly recommended

Rating D-
Queer Vampire Rating D-
Amount of Gay Content same-sex relationship


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User Ratings

By: Nukfut ( yottnik@hotmail.com )
Overall Rating: F     Queer horror Rating: D-    

Wow, this movie blowed. I rented it on a whim, fully expecting it to be awful. But even with my low expectations it still disappointed.

Don't watch it! Save yourself!


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