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Dead Guys

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many graphic strangulations

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Someone is killing all the hottest looking guys in the neighborhood.

Strangled, stabbed and in various forms of undress, the bodies are turning up all over Jackson Street. The trouble starts when a handsome, powerful, and controlling film producer convinces his dim-witted but lovable partner to join him in his twisted plans to meet, seduce, and strangle innocent guys who cross their path. As their plans unfold, working their way through erotic dancers, college students, a pizza boy, and a corporate lawyer, until they meet a young boy-toy who works in the local coffee shop.

It's not long before the he has sacrificed his own boyfriend and joined in the murderous game himself. Using his innocent eyes and southern charm he quickly worms his way into the inner circle of chaos.

Hot on their trail is a strikingly handsome young detective prepared to do whatever it takes to stop the murders. Lies, backstabbing, and double crosses ensue, creating a crisis too big for the city to contain. These twisted serial killers escape to the countryside and spread their wrath to an unlucky group of young campers of the all state male wrestling team who were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Qvamp says:

While this movie focuses on erotic strangulation, the director does begin to get into a more traditional slasher-film style towards the end of the movie.

The action is often slow-moving, generally focusing on graphic representations of strangulation. But the boys in it are hot.

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User Ratings

By: maj ( majditty@aol.com )
Overall Rating: B     Queer horror Rating: A    

The guys are freaking hot!!!! Especially the wrestlers!!!!


By: Jorge ( guapochico2000@yahoo.com )
Overall Rating: C     Queer horror Rating: B    

This was an OK movie, but damn, it's way too long. In my opinion, the second half, with the wrestler boys, is much better than the first half. Except for the cute lawyer the first half, with the many chokings, start to get a bit too much. And frankly, the Twinkie killer is way too camp.

My advice ... cut the first half and move the lawyer boy to the end of the movie with the other studs. Overall, it was entertaining, but seeing it once was enough.


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