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Haute Tension

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  • Haute Tension
  • AKA:
    High Tension (USA) (literal English title)
    Switchblade Romance (International: English title)
  • Author: Alexandre Aja and Grégory Levasseur
  • Director: Alexandre Aja
  • Producer: Alexandre Arcady and Robert Benmussa
  • Year: 2003
  • Country: France
  • 91 minutes
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Alex, and her best friend Marie, visit her parents. Out of the blue a killer appears killing the whole family and kidnapping Alex. Marie follows the killer, trying to rescue her friend.

Qvamp says:

A slasher flick with a lesbian main character.

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User Ratings

By: womandish ( manarapinan@hotmail.com )
Overall Rating: B     Queer horror Rating: A    

yes! a sick queer horror movie, but ladies i wouldnt see it on a first date...the scene where marie is attacked with an electric saw while in the passanger seat of a car is CLASSIC! this movies twist ending caught me way off guard and didn't leave my thoughts for weeks!


By: bigjerbear ( bigjerbear@gmail.com )
Overall Rating: A+     Queer horror Rating: B+    

This is one of the most brutal and disturbing horror flicks I've seen in a long time. The only reason I rated the queer side down a bit was because the lesbian relationship was obsessive and destructive and almost gives an anti-gay message... but I don't believe it was intended that way. If you are planning on seeing this movie, try to see the unrated/uncut version as the R rated version is hacked to bits. If you don't like subtitles... suck it up for this one... half of it is in French and half in English.


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