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Here's a page to allow all queer horror lovers to connect on the web. Add any page that you are aware of existing out on the web. If the page seems to be long-term and has at least some tangential connection with gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered horror, I'll move it over to the actual rated links page. Please do not add a link to this page to advertise any sex sites. Upon occassion I will go through this page and remove all links that do not seem appropriate here. If anything seems to be wrong with this page, please let me know.

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Gay/Bi Male Vampire
Knights of the Darkness Chronicles - The KOTDC is an urban-fantasy series featuring gay and bisexual vampires and shape-shifters. The series contains homosexual erotica, intense action and entertaining characters. This series is by author D.N. Simmons.     62 hits -- Added 6/01/2008
Vampires Curse - a wierd gay, incesty anime about vampires     657 hits -- Added 8/31/2006
Homosexual Vampires and Werewolves - Enter a world where humans and the supernatural live together in a tenuous co-existence. The Knigths of the Darkness Chronices is a new and exciting supernatural series that ventures into a dark fantasy world guaranteed to make readers' temperature rise.     1592 hits -- Added 9/25/2005
ETERNAL SOULS SERIES: L.M.DAVIS - Welcome to my Eternal Souls Series. Book 1: Vampire Lust is now available from Extasybooks.com. If you enjoy m/m erotica with a twist of romance, you will love the Eternal Souls Series.     676 hits -- Added 7/21/2005
VOICE OF THE BLOOD: a novel - A website with details on Jemiah Jefferson's first of three vampire novels that explore sexuality, morality, violence, and attachments both romantic and unnatural.     736 hits -- Added 5/05/2005
The Nocturne - Blood. Desire. Lust. The game. Seduce. Bed. Kill. In post apocolpytic future, Weasel, a drug addicted prostitute, meets the sexy, volatile Angelo and becomes a true Child of The night.     1147 hits -- Added 9/26/2003
Vampyr Hunter - - An erotic gay M/M Vampyr short story which contains a rape theme     1740 hits -- Added 9/26/2003
VampireNet - These vampires call themselves elite and offer immortality, but only to young males from 18 to 25!     1465 hits -- Added 9/26/2003
There's this love... - Slash fanfiction based off The Lost Boys movie. Warning! Incest     1188 hits -- Added 9/26/2003
Blood Fetish - Vampire Erotica, Bloodfetish, Blood Links Search Engine     1224 hits -- Added 9/26/2003
desires (unveiled) - Desires Unveiled is an archive of slash fanfiction for the novels of LJ Smith (i.e. The Vampire Diaries, Night World, etc.) By our definition, "slash" is fanfiction containing same-sex pairings. Herein you will find all manner of 'fics: m/m, f/f, polyamory, drama, humor, angst...short and epic. The archive is ever-growing as well, and if you've written any LJS slash, please be generous and contribute it.     831 hits -- Added 9/26/2003
The Eternal Flame - Interview with the Vampire Poetry Original Specs Artwork and Links     813 hits -- Added 9/26/2003
Vampire Stories - These stories are yaoi and lemonish. If m/m love and intercourse bother you, what are you doing here? Underage kids, go away! (These stories are too sad for you, anyway...) I've been warning you...     1277 hits -- Added 9/26/2003
Centre Stage - Anne Fraser's other vampire, the bad boy Adrian Talbot, bisexual actor/director/teacher.Claims to outbrat Lestat for the title of Brat Prince.     623 hits -- Added 9/26/2003
The Vampyre's Lair     896 hits -- Added 9/26/2003
Inn of Crossed Swords - Forever Knight slash fiction     787 hits -- Added 9/26/2003
The Queerness Discipline     869 hits -- Added 9/26/2003
Queer Vampires - A sanguinary feast for the remaining 10%     1848 hits -- Added 9/26/2003

Lesbian/Bi Female Vampire
Masquerade - Official website of Erotic vampire writer Raven Hart.     819 hits -- Added 8/25/2005
Dingos Corner - Lesbian romance, vampire and fantasy books and short stories. Available in print or download.     727 hits -- Added 5/28/2005
Doorway Productions     696 hits -- Added 12/08/2003
Vampire Girl's Horror Site - Vampire Girl Amy invites you to enter her domain for everything horror, her own fiction and links to dark places!     1233 hits -- Added 9/26/2003
IM~Internet Message. A Vampire novel by Stephanie Simpson-Woods - Homepage includes sample chapter, horror and erotic stories, author diary, message board and much, much. more.     528 hits -- Added 9/26/2003
Seduction Cinema Studios - Leading studio producing movies featuring Lesbian Vampires     946 hits -- Added 9/26/2003
vamposlesbos - email group for lesbian vampires to meet     740 hits -- Added 9/26/2003
Ken Russell's The Lair of the White Worm - Dedicated to this 1988 kitsch classic, featuring bisexual snake vampires, nun hallucinations and body paint!     600 hits -- Added 9/26/2003
Queer Vampires - A sanguinary feast for the remaining 10%     1839 hits -- Added 9/26/2003

Gay/Bi Male Were
After Dark - When his sadistic older brother returns from the dead and attacks him, Andrew Sutter and his lover, Devon Forsythe, must find a way to stop him. The struggle, though, awakens Andrew?s magical abilities. Now able to see magic in the world around him, he discovers that Devon is a werewolf.     397 hits -- Added 7/15/2006
Eclipse of the Heart - Gay werewolf erotic romance ebook     877 hits -- Added 8/09/2005
Queer Wolves - Gay fan site for were-wolves and other were-creatures.     1440 hits -- Added 9/26/2003
The Legend of the Westend Werewolf - beware of the mooon     865 hits -- Added 9/26/2003
Boytaur - Online resources for boytaurs, multilimbers, shapeshifters, and their friends     1123 hits -- Added 9/26/2003
Casual Otaku's Yaoi Playroom - Warnings for shounen-ai, implied sex, bondage and anthromorphs (Do I really need to tell you about the 18+ age limit?). I'll finally tell you that the LARP I borrowed my inspiration from is Werewolf: The Apocalypse from White Wolf     1053 hits -- Added 9/26/2003
Queer Werewolves - A GLBT site to howl about     794 hits -- Added 9/26/2003

Lesbian/Bi Female Were
Queer Werewolves - A GLBT site to howl about     629 hits -- Added 9/26/2003

Gay/Bi Male Horror
Unspeakable Horror - Unspeakable Horror is a new online community for fans and writers of queer horror. It contains a blog on queer horror, a serialized horror novel, discussion boards, book and movie recommendations, and a forum for flash fiction horror.     545 hits -- Added 4/30/2006
Rob Dunbar, Novelist and Playwright - Descriptions of my novels "The Pines" and "The Shore" from Delirium Books ... and other works like the play "BATS!"     443 hits -- Added 2/09/2006
D.N. Simmons Official Website and Forum - The official website of D.N. Simmons, author of the Supernatural homoerotica horror series; The Knights of the Darkness Chronicles. (This series features Gay/Bi male vampires and shape-shifters.)     596 hits -- Added 9/23/2005
Resistance Is Futile - This site features the Borg, Ghost pics, and the Goth-Industrial/Vampire world     677 hits -- Added 9/26/2003
CampBlood - Welcome to CampBlood -- a Website dedicated to all things queer in Horror Cinema.     1072 hits -- Added 3/28/2004
Steve Berman's Lair - The official homepage and lair of author Steve Berman, a writer of gay gothic stories. His first collection, TRYSTS, released Autumn of 2001 and contains 13 stories of passion and danger.     651 hits -- Added 9/26/2003
Homoeroticon - A zine published 1-2 times a year. We are an eclectic blend of queer, not-so-queer, sex, sci-fi, horror, bio and any other type of comix.     879 hits -- Added 9/26/2003
Queer Horror - A site for those with an alternative and spooky bent     357 hits -- Added 9/26/2003

Lesbian/Bi Female Horror
Queer Horror - A site for those with an alternative and spooky bent     352 hits -- Added 9/26/2003

Transgender Horror
The Lost Girls - Tranny Vampire online soap     259 hits -- Added 9/26/2003
Queer Horror - A site for those with an alternative and spooky bent     308 hits -- Added 9/26/2003

Misc. Queer Horror
HARD the Movie - Gay serial killer movie. "A cop with a secret. A killer who knows it. The game is on."     306 hits -- Added 5/22/2004
Dead Guys Cinema - Original and feature length "male victim" films and videos with both subtle and blatant gay themes. Including movies about gay serial killers (Dead Guys), gay vampires (Das Hause and Dead Boys Club 2) and other non-x rated homoerotica.     299 hits -- Added 9/26/2003
SINS OF THE FLESH - Goth Horror 'Zine looking at the Deliciously Deranged - Edited by Rayne the Bastard Love Child Of Lestat and Pinhead.     255 hits -- Added 9/26/2003
The Unlife of Genesius - Includes Toreador clan information and fan fiction.     179 hits -- Added 9/26/2003
Queer Films Suck! - Disgruntled with the quality of queer-themed films? Sick of coming-out stories about pretty blonde boys? Bored to death of "Romantic comedies" that are neither romantic nor comic? Here's the site for you.     239 hits -- Added 9/26/2003
Queer Horror     294 hits -- Added 9/26/2003
Queer Ghosts - Dead Pride     320 hits -- Added 9/26/2003
Queer Demons - Are we demonic? Read and understand     361 hits -- Added 9/26/2003
GLBT Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror & Suspense Literature - Focus on classic GLBT horror, suspense/mystery, science fiction, and fantasy literature by such authors as Oscar Wilde, J-K Huysmans, Henry James, H.P. Lovecraft, Patricia Highsmith, Clive Barker     265 hits -- Added 8/11/2007
Review: Monster in the Closet     240 hits -- Added 9/26/2003

Things close to the subject, but not quite in the categories above
Grotesque ~ A Gothic Epic - This richly illustrated novel is now available online as an historical epic adventure that unfolds in the Late Middle Ages. Squire Lazarus Gogu is a winged grotesque who is thrown into the hostile world of pious men who would kill him and the fallen angels who are bent on escaping Hell. Under seemingly impossible circumstances, Lazarus must fight to stay alive, keep his faith, and stop the unfolding of a medieval Armageddon. Along the way, Lazarus learns that there is much more to life than eternity as he struggles with his faith, his life choices, and his true identity.     131 hits -- Added 10/10/2005
SciFi UK Review - SF Twisted Horror Reviews of movies, books and magazine including essays on various aspects of Science Fiction Horror and Weirdness(SF)     151 hits -- Added 8/11/2005
Chuckyholics - A site for Chucky fans, by Chucky fans. Covering the entire Child's Play series, including Seed of Chucky, dealing with Chucky's gender-confused son, Glen. Participate in the news, gallery, messageboard, chat, games, and more!     203 hits -- Added 5/13/2005
True Ghost Stories of the West - True ghost stories of the American southwest and first ever ghost stories of California's Gold Rush Country and Yosemite National Park. Within these books your find personal Gay and Lesbian ghost encounters!     202 hits -- Added 11/04/2004
Frenzy Art - Day of the Dead Artwork - Hand Painted glassware to celebrate Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) and gothic gifts for the art collector. The only Day of the Dead site that sells gay/lesbian related wedding items.     287 hits -- Added 9/26/2003
Grotesque - G. E. Graven's gothic tale, GROTESQUE, available online. Eight chapters (+50,000 words) of twisted fast-paced adventure unfold in the middle ages.     266 hits -- Added 9/26/2003
True Ghost Stories of the West - True ghost stories of the American southwest and first ever ghost stories of California's Gold Rush Country and Yosemite National Park. Within these books your find personal Gay and Lesbian ghost encounters!     265 hits -- Added 11/04/2004
Metamorphose.org - A Catalog of Transformations, Plus Reviews and Alerts     272 hits -- Added 9/26/2003
haunted.nu - haunted.nu is an on-line community for horror fans, goths, writers, musicians, artists, and anyone else who enjoys the darker side of life. Members are encouraged to participate in role-playing games, writing contests, community forums, free webhosting and a variety of other activities. Membership is free, so what are you waiting for?     253 hits -- Added 9/26/2003
A Vampire's Memoirs - Erotic tales and adventures of a lone American vampire, William issac Desha.     255 hits -- Added 9/26/2003
GOTH IN ASIA - Check it out.     222 hits -- Added 9/26/2003
Crossing Over & Coming Home - Study of gay & lesbian true near-death stories. Exceptional reviews. First study of its kind.     304 hits -- Added 9/26/2003
Everything About Udo Kier - Fan site about German cult actor Udo Kier     263 hits -- Added 9/26/2003
Goodgoth.com - Gothic clothing, cosmetics, more. Leopold and Loeb.     279 hits -- Added 9/26/2003
What's Eating You? - If you like Special FX - Check out this cool new Comedy-Horror Film! Site has Trailer and How-To Info! Contests too!     314 hits -- Added 9/26/2003
Grave of Karl Heinrich Ulrichs - Location of the grave of the first known Gay Activist (1825-1895)     250 hits -- Added 9/26/2003
Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) - Located in and representing communities nationwide, PFLAG promotes the health and well-being of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered persons, their families and friends     275 hits -- Added 9/26/2003

People in the genre, or just fans
Coral Browne - A website about Australian actress Coral Browne. She starred in the early lesbian film "The Killing of Sister George" and also appeared in "Auntie Mame". She met Vincent Price while filming "Theatre of Blood" and later married him.     212 hits -- Added 6/25/2005
ABORTED LIFE DARK MUSIK EZINE - Gothic-Industrial-EBM-Futurepop-Synthpop Playlist, Interviews, Reviews, Free Email, Downloads, Links, Etc.!     195 hits -- Added 9/14/2005
Love Quotes - Collection of love and friendship quotes     245 hits -- Added 7/03/2005
Steve Berman's Homepage - Homepage of Steve Berman, published writer of Trysts - a collection of gay dark fantasy stories - and Vintage - a gay goth ghost story.     238 hits -- Added 9/26/2003
Jewelle Gomez - The official homepage of authoress Jewelle Gomez     287 hits -- Added 9/26/2003
The Official Anne Rice Website     328 hits -- Added 9/26/2003
Pam Keesey's Homepage     319 hits -- Added 9/26/2003
Dark Wonders - Don Bassingthwaite     269 hits -- Added 9/26/2003

Music related to queers and horror!
missFlag Official Site - Alternative music - Alternative rock band,Free mp3s, forums,Gallery and more...!     271 hits -- Added 8/11/2005
CARNAL REDEMPTION - Technical brutal death metal from Greece     262 hits -- Added 4/16/2004
Domination Game - creepy fetishistic witches playing deathly musick.     333 hits -- Added 3/02/2004
Inner Surge - Industrial/alt/metal from controversial political act Inner Surge.     282 hits -- Added 2/26/2004
RELAYPSE - NEW ITALIAN METAL SENSATION     298 hits -- Added 9/26/2003
Black Witchery - Extreme metal from Florida. Ritual homosexuality and apparently some scat preoccupations as well. Not for the faint at heart!     258 hits -- Added 9/26/2003
Rebelation ezine - Rebelation is an Irish based punk hardcore screamo emo hardcore mathrock ezine with loadsa cool stuff such as interviews, reviews, mp3s, tours, release dates and loads more. Check us out     253 hits -- Added 9/26/2003
corpus delicti - yummy dead twisted rock death metal gothic etceteras     217 hits -- Added 9/26/2003
angels of venice - Emerging from the heart and soul of harpist/composer/producer Carol Tatum, the Angels of Venice's sound is ethereal, joyous, firey, lush, mysterious and elegant. Driven by harp, flute, cello, hammered dulcimer and exotic percussion accompanied by world instruments such as udu, doumbek, oud, hurdy gurdy, bouzouki and recorder this group combines middle eastern, medieval and neoclassical styles to create an aural landscape that is at once compelling and provocative.     260 hits -- Added 9/26/2003
* BLACKWOOD MANOR MUSIC * - Haunting and magical music..full of pells..wonder..and dreams.     323 hits -- Added 9/26/2003
Pandaemonium - album reviews, interviews, top 100, forum online radio and more     280 hits -- Added 9/26/2003
rockula_europe - camp,dracula,horror,musical     269 hits -- Added 9/26/2003

Queer Witchcraft
For witches both real and fictitious
Witch Cheyenne - Witch side of the Athame up to the magic wand, ideally for young witches, Tarot, mirror-image-ritual assistance and consultation with witch forum and Chat, channeling, rituals Hexentopliste     305 hits -- Added 7/05/2005

Queer Demons
Queer Demons - Queer Demons -- it's sinfully proud.     262 hits -- Added 1/05/2008

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