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Of Princes & Beauties: Erotic Fairy Tails for Adults

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  • Of Princes & Beauties: Erotic Fairy Tails for Adults
  • Editor: Cecilia Tan
  • Publisher: Circlet Press
  • Year: 1996
  • Country: US
  • 95 pages
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This ribald collection of new twists on some old myths mixes gay and straight
themes and turns fairy tale convention inside out. From a gay retelling of class='bookTitle'>Beauty and the Beast to a sideways class='bookTitle'>Cinderella story where the right 'fit' is not a shoe,
from the story of who really saved the Frog Prince
to the tale of a charmed phallus, these tales go beyond Anne Rice's class='bookTitle'>Sleeping Beauty series to new erotic and romantic

Qvamp says:

No vampires. There is one story involving a gay

Rating B
Queer Vampire Rating F
Amount of Gay Content  

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