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Rumpenstein's Monster

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  • Rumpenstein's Monster
  • Author: Peter Wartmark
  • Director: Peter Wartmark
  • Producer: Wartmark Productions
  • Year: 2001
  • Country: US
  • 60 minutes
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In the first scene featuring the title character, Igor has gone to town to retrieve Rumpenstein's monster from the grave for tonight's full moon orgy. On the way home, Jack sees what's up and won't settle for a solo jerk off, so he follows Igor back to the castle. Jack gets lost and runs into the Monster who has his way with him. Finally, the electricity of the full moon brings them all together to the mysterious courtyard where a big orgy takes place!

In the next vignettes, Around the Boardwalk and Ferris Wheel Appeal, Tom and Bill have raunchy fun around the carnival boardwalk. They explore secret places under the pier and entice the lifeguard into having sex with them.

Then, in the vignette Three Men and a Fountain, Big John finds out all his naughty dreams will come true by wishing on some coins he tossed in a fountain. Finally, in Raunchy Roadwork butch construction workers get the 'job' done!'

Qvamp says:

Very strange movie. This is what the Pet Shop Boys would have created during high school had they been into gay monster sex.

I really don't recommend this movie, unless you really want to see the limits of computer modeling mimicking gay sex with a disco beat.

Rating D
Queer Vampire Rating D+
Amount of Gay Content porn


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User Ratings

By: Southern Stud ( southern_stud@hotmail.com )
Overall Rating: C     Queer misc Rating: C    

Nice animation. This movie sets its own mood, but it's not for just anyone.



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