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Shadows of the Night: Queer Tales of the Uncanny and Unusual

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  • Shadows of the Night: Queer Tales of the Uncanny and Unusual
  • Editor: Greg Herren
  • Publisher: Harrington Park Press
  • Year: 2004
  • Country: US
  • 208 pages
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A bone-chilling anthology of gay and lesbian psychodrama. These stories introduce you to the doomed and the damned, including a gay travel writer with a one-way ticket to horror; a murdered lesbian who plots bloody revenge from the grave; a young gay man's fear of Jewish vampires; and many others.

Qvamp says:

A book of mostly queer and mostly horror based tales. While some of the stories are pretty good (I especially liked 'Troll in the Basement'), this book suffers the same problem of others in the genre -- it has a few good stories and then adds in filler. One story 'The Disappearing Andersons' isn't queer or supernatural. Another, 'First Cut', is a cutting fantasy story -- gross, but not eerie in any sense.

But some of the stories are quite enjoyable. 'Troll in the Basement' is a good horror story with a Stephen King style. 'Fever' is a pretty good epidemiological story with good character development and settings (though with a confused ending). 'Country People' offers a standard horror story with nice gay twist.

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