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Vierde man, De

movie      fiction

  • Vierde man, De
  • AKA:
    The 4th Man (USA) (video box title)
    The Fourth Man (USA)
  • Author: Gerard Reve and Gerard Soeteman
  • Director: Paul Verhoeven
  • Producer: Rob Houwer
  • Year: 1983
  • Country: Netherlands
  • 105 minutes
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Gerard Reve is a heavy drinking writer living in Amsterdam with his young twink violinist boyfriend. Gerard becomes obsessed with a good looking straight guy at a railway station while en route to a seaside town to give a lecture to a local writing association. There, he encounters the mysterious Christine Halslag, who rarely steps out from behind her ever-whirring film camera. Gerard spends the night fucking an insatiable, and somewhat boy-like, Christine, and in the morning is completely stunned to find out that she's dating Herman, the stud from the railway station.

Much drama, most of it surreal, ensues when Christine summons Herman to meet a salivating Gerard. When it looks as though the two of them will get it on, Gerard suddenly figures out what happened to Christine's three ex-husbands and begins to suspect who will be the 4th man.

Qvamp says:

While it is very clear that the main male character prefers men, we are never completely sure of the witchcraft angle.

The story is unusual, and is extremely openly gay for the time. We see passionate open mouthed man-man kissing, hear unabashed fantasies and see a masculine man pursuing another. Granted, this movie still feeds into the idea that all gay men are opportunistic perverts willing to destroy whoever it takes to get into the pants of a hot man, but at least the movie is better than most.

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User Ratings

By: Patrick ( patrick.beckers@tiscali.nl )
Overall Rating: B+     Queer witch Rating: B+    

I saw this movie in 1983 when I was 17 and I was delighted by the gay content, especially the kiss. Not a lot of gay-themed movies or man-to-man action was to be seen back then. Furthermore it is a suspensefull film with lot of intriguing metaphors and top-of-the-bill actors from that period.


By: Joanna ( joannaisinchains@gmail.com )
Overall Rating: A+     Queer witch Rating: A+    

The master-piece of Paul Verhoeven!!
I love the spider-woman played by Ren\ée Sotndijk!!


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