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Creatures of the Pink Lagoon

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  • Creatures of the Pink Lagoon
  • Author: Chris Diani and Basil Harris
  • Director: Chris Diani
  • Producer: Chris Diani, Lisa Anne Glomb and Peter Torr
  • Year: 2006
  • Country: US
  • 71 minutes

silly cannibalism

movie cover

In a small town in 1967, plucky young sissy Phillip is about to celebrate his birthday at the beach cottage owned by his best friend Stan. All of Phillip's friends are gathered for the festivities, including Stan's hunky-but-impulsive boyfriend Billy, Billy's shy, nerdy cousin Joseph, and Randall, the chain-smoking, bitter queen of the bunch.

Meanwhile, a horde of libidinous gay men - turned into ravenous flesh-eating zombies by toxic mosquitoes at a cruisy highway rest stop - are making their way towards our oblivious celebrants, eating every man in their path. With body parts washing up on shore and party guests disappearing, our heroes must find a way to stop the zombie onslaught. Will Stan keep the rotting corpses out of his spotless home? Will Joseph work up the courage to declare his love for Phillip? Will Billy keep it in his pants long enough to stay alive? Will Phillip's cheating boyfriend make it to the party - and if so, will he be there to save them, or to eat them?

Qvamp says:

Lighthearted and silly, this movie bills itself as a cross between Night of the Living Dead and Boys in the Band.

That may be true, but I absolutely hated Boys in the Band, and found this grated on me in a similar way (though much less intensely).

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User Ratings

By: teacher27278 ( teacher27278@yahoo.com )
Overall Rating: A+     Queer zombie Rating: A+    

I absolutely adored this movie! It's a wonderful film. I had a lot of fun seeing it at a GLBT film festival in North Carolina.


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