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The Torchwood Institute is an organization from the British science fiction television series Doctor Who. It was formed to research and combat alien threats to Great Britain, and use their findings to make the British Empire great again. To those ends, it acquires and reverse engineers alien technology by any means deemed necessary.

Qvamp says:

Torchwood is a spin-off (and anagram of) Doctor Who, centering on the notoriously bisexual character Captain Jack.

This sci-fi series focuses on a secret government agency that collects alien artifacts, this series in unusual in that every one of the main characters was shown to be bisexual in the first season.

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By: badboybynight ( franferdy@hotmail.co.uk )
Overall Rating: B+     Queer misc Rating: B-    

So a quick rundown:
- you have the dark, mysterious, sexy and almost sluty leader: the omnisexual Captin Jack (omnisexual as he shags aliens as well as both human sexes),
- then there's Tosh, the bisexual computer super geek,
- Owen, the insecure, obnoxious, and really pathetic 'straight-boy,'
- Gwen, the whiny clingy, bi-curious fag hag
- and my favorite character, the Alfred-esk butler/houseboy Ianto, who is also apparently Jack's booty-call boy.

And yes, its all about them going round the city of Cardiff collecting alien technology.

With a much darker tone than Doctor Who it succeeds in being its own show, not just a spinoff... though at times it can be seen to be trying too hard to be 'adult.' But that's easily passed over given its good-points. Already in Season 1 the over-arching messages and sub-plots are begining to form, which is rare for any show this early on, and it does it well.

The show also has some truly chilling moments to boot, such as in the epsode 'They Keep Killing Suzie' when Suzie, finally tells the team what's on the other side of death


By: Todd Surfs ( toddsurfslbca@yahoo.com )
Overall Rating: A     Queer misc Rating: A    

Captain Jack Harkness (played by Scot John Bannerman with a dead-on American accent) is immortal and omnisexual. Shoot him, burn him, encase him in concrete, poison him . . . he will (and always does) come back to life. The love scenes, with deep kissing in close-up and the slow removal of shirts, and their aftermath, in bed with a discreetly placed sheet until one rises, displaying a comely backside, are something we rarely see on American television.

And the scene where Captain Jack, encased in a block of concrete that has been shattered by a bomb blast is a classic.

Jack, stark naked, emerges. Bannerman's ass and great body are shown to advantage . . . ranks with Rufus Sewell emerging from the bath in the opening shot of 'Dark City.'

Bannerman, who is openly gay, has been with his other half for 15+ years. A role model for all of us ... and being stunningly handsome and generous to a fault doesn't hurt, either.



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