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Good, the Bad and the Undead, The

book      fiction

  • Good, the Bad and the Undead, The
  • Author: Kim Harrison
  • Publisher: Eos
  • Year: 2005
  • Country: US
  • 453 pages
book cover

It's a tough life for witch Rachel Morgan, a sexy, independent bounty hunter, prowling the darkest shadows of downtown Cincinnati for criminal creatures of the night.

She can handle the leather-clad vamps and even tangle with a cunning demon or two. But a serial killer who feeds on the experts in the most dangerous kind of black magic is definitely pressing the limits.

Confronting an ancient, implacable evil is more than just child's play - and this time, Rachel will be lucky to escape with her very soul.

Qvamp says:

A fun story about a pair of bounty hunters - a witch and a vampire, who live on a planet that was decimated by a disease caused by genetically modified tomatoes. The disease wiped out most humans, leaving all of the non-humans on the planet a lot more apparent, and forcing them out of the closet.

This book is second in the series, but makes the intimate/sexual relationship between the two main female characters much more apparent. Though neither is labeled as 'lesbian', the sexual tension between them is a major portion of the plot.

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