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Closet Monsters: Zombied Out and Tales of Gothrotica

book      fiction

  • Closet Monsters: Zombied Out and Tales of Gothrotica
  • Editor: Daniel W. Kelly
  • Publisher: STARbooks Press
  • Year: 2007
  • Country: US
  • 278 pages

child abuse, cannibalism, torture

book cover

From the naivety of a horny teen who feels evil eyes ogling him as he surrenders his virginity, to a burly bear who morphs into a real 'animal' at the slightest scent of male pheromones, the unsuspecting thrill-seekers of these stories give in to the temptations of testosterone, never anticipating the terror that awaits.

Qvamp says:

Though this book included several short stories, the one the longest one was definitely the strongest.

In the story entitled 'Zombied Out', a unique plot remade The Living Dead plot-lines so that all straight civilization was wiped out, leaving only gays and lesbians behind (bisexuals were not firmly established one way or the other).

The story followed a diverse cross-section of the queer community living in a small town, and their desperate plight to survive as the heterosexuals who had hurt them for so long, returned to finish what they started.

A completely original and surprisingly fun plot. The story suffered slightly by being too short, not allowing the characters to be fully developed, nor explaining their motivations. But here is hoping that the author fleshes out the story and republishes.

While the main story is a worthwhile read and strongly welcomed into the queer horror genre, the remaining stories seemed more appropriate in a compilation of sexual abuse fiction than horror.

Rating B
Queer Vampire Rating A
Amount of Gay Content sex

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