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Cupcake: A Zombie Lesbian Musical

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  • Cupcake: A Zombie Lesbian Musical
  • Author: Rebecca Thomson
  • Director: Rebecca Thomson
  • Producer: Rogan Brown
  • Year: 2010
  • Country: Australia
  • 17 minutes
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Set in a regular Australian suburb, zombies are on the loose and they're looking for human flesh, but for two long time residents of this zombie infested neighborhood, Agnes and Mauva, the threat is not the rotting, rampaging undead but the young love-struck lesbian couple who live next door.

The targets of the old ladies' fears, Billy and Dayna, believe that their love for each other can overcome all hurdles ... until the postman calls! Featuring the original and unforgettable songs Zombie & Lesbians, No Penis Between Us, My Girlfriend Ate My Pussy - Literally! and Zombie Pride, this black comedy will win over your heart ... while it is eating your brains out!

Qvamp says:

Very strange, but still fun, musical involving a lesbian relationship. Oh, and a zombie apocalypse is also happening. Did I mention this was a musical?

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