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Brides of Sodom

movie      fiction

  • Brides of Sodom
  • Author: Creep Creepersin
  • Director: Creep Creepersin
  • Producer: Domiziano Arcangeli
  • Year: 2013
  • Country: US
  • 84 minutes

gore, incest

movie cover

A classic vampire story set in a post apocalyptic world where vampires are named for Greek gods, and witches rule.

The plot centers around a male vampire named Eros who falls in love with a human named Samuel. Eros wants to 'save' Samuel and make him a vampire, but Eros' evil vampire lover, Dionysus, has other ideas. Matters are complicated by Eros' sister/lover, Persephone, an ambiguous Bookkeeper and three witches, who know secrets of the universe and The Laws of Eternity. A deep tale of decadence, erotica and major stylized horror themes, shot around surreal and post apocalyptic sets on one hand and lavish, dark Gothic atmospheres on the other.

Qvamp says:

Wow, this film had great production value, but wasn't better than ones with little. The main characters are in a gay relationship, and there is other male-male sex. However the straight sex is far more graphic and takes much more time onscreen.

This is not

Watch this if you like pretty people doing a vampire story. The story itself is odd and takes on more than it can handle. I feel fairly neutral about it, and likely wouldn't watch it a second time.

One thing that piqued my interest was, with the inclusion of several people from The Lair and Dante's Cove is if this was a continuation of those stories. The presence of vampires and witches does match that, but no actual references seemed to be made.

Rating D-
Queer Vampire Rating C
Amount of Gay Content making out


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