Queer Horror
The Life of a Man Eater
by Chris Collins

My name is Count Franco Belloni. I was born in the year 1582. Yes that is right, 1582. I was reborn when I was 16 years old in the year 1598. You might think I am mad considering that we are living in 1998. I can assure you that I am not mad, I am just eternal.

My story starts when I was 16 years old. At that time I lived in a small village in Italy, very near Milan. The sights and sounds were very different in the old times, unlike our modern way of life today. Certain things have not changed, like the need to love and have sex. The men often had men in their beds as often as they had women. Age did not seem to matter when you were faced down with another guy on your back putting his seed deep into your arse or down your throat.

My family was a joy to live with; a loving mother and father, two brothers and two sisters. I never lacked anything in life apart from the love of a man. I knew from an early age that I was interested in boys more than I was in girls. My cock would harden if a boy that I liked even came near to me. I had never been with another boy because my mother always talked about the boys she caught on the estate having sex with each other and how vile it was. She often gave the boys a choice: either leave the estate or be castrated. The boys always choose to be castrated because they could not get other jobs anywhere else. My mother kept the cut balls in a big jar. My father was a big plantation owner and we employed many young boys and men to gather in our harvest of vines.

I remember seeing two 16 year old boys making love with one another in the winery. I grew hard at the sight. They were both wonderfully beautiful and I wanted them both badly. I always liked blond-headed boys. I could never let my feelings be known to them because I feared what my mother might do should she find out. I wanted the boys but didn’t want to risk them being cut by my mother. I would rather watch alone and see them put seed into each other rather than risk losing the sight of those wonderful balls and cock. I would often lay awake at night thinking of these two boys and praying that I too would have someone to love me in the same way.

I was coming up to 16 years old and was in good shape. I had rich dark hair, a clean youthful face and a strong body. We didn’t have the term six pack in those days but I that's what I had. I also had well-sized balls, about the size of large eggs, and a 14" cock when hard. I imagined that my lover would also have a large cock, if I ever had one.

I played with my long cock every morning until I made the white cream. I always ate this lovely white cream trying to imagine the cream coming from another cock other than my own. I didn’t know it but on the night of my sixteenth birthday my dream would come true in a explosive way.

My sixteenth birthday party was a great affair! All the neighbours were there, and at my request all the boys and men from the estate were also present, having been given the day off by my father. The workers were so grateful that they all came up, one by one, to wish me well and to say thank you. My two dream boys, Daniel and Jason, were last in line. Jason bowed low to me and wished me health and happiness. I thanked him and said that I have health but am waiting for happiness. He seemed to understand what I meant and said that I should come into winery at midnight. This was an offer that I could not refuse.

At the appointed time I arrived to find both Daniel and Jason naked with hard dicks in their hands. They both got to their knees and told me that they understood how I felt because the pain was in my eyes. They knew of my need for another boy or man in my life. They told me of a guy called the Man Eater, who gave boys like us what we needed in life. The man was known only as 'Master'. Daniel and Jason told me that he was due here tonight to link them together for all time.

As soon as they uttered the last words a bat flew past me so closely I could feel the wind from it's wings in my face. It flew around us for a couple of seconds and suddenly changed. There in front of me stood the most beautiful, young, naked man I had ever seen. He had a head full of blond, flowing locks of hair and a smooth body. His legs were muscled and his waist tight. The most noticeable thing about him was the size of his tremendous cock, which hung between his legs. This man was all man. His balls were the size of Daniel's, Jason's and mine put together. I fell to my knees out of respect for the man.

"Who is this boy?" he said pointing at me. "He is the Son of the plantation owner, Master!" they said while pumping their cocks. "Then he should die for the pain that his mother has caused our kind!" Daniel and Jason begged for my mercy and explained that I was indeed a man lover as well, and that it was my 16th birthday and that I wished to have a man of my own.

"Is this right, boy?" he said smiling at me.

"Yes, Master. Its true that I wish to be with a man. I have longed to have one boy of my own." I said with truth in my voice which he picked up straight away.

"You, do not lie, my child and for this I will grant the wish of Daniel and Jason to make you a full member of our clan this night! What say you? Do you also wish it?"

"Yes, yes more than anything in life." I said.

He turned to the Jason and told him to get the new boy, making sure that his vision is blocked. Jason went as told to the sleeping area and brought back a 15-year-old boy. The boy was then tied against one of the large, oak wine vats, and then stripped of this clothing. The Master went over and felt the boy's cock and balls. "Oh yes, they are full of boy cum and the cock is of a good size and strong as well. It will make it grow much quicker" he said.

Heapproached Daniel and Jason and intoned "Are you ready for the change?"

"Yes, we are Master." they answered together while holding hands.

"So be it, let us begin!"

The Master went up to Daniel and bit into his neck and sucked his blood. He sucked only for a few seconds. He did the same with Jason. Once he had fed on blood he told the young men to lay cock to face. At once they began to eat each others' cock and balls, and I mean this literally. Jason began eat Daniel’s cock inch by inch. He started with the head and just ripped the head away from the main shaft. He slowly sucked the cock while he was doing this. To my sheer amazement Daniel was still hard as a rock. Each bite brought Jason nearer to Daniel’s lovely balls. I didn’t want to look and yet I must look. My own cock was hard dripping it's boy juice onto the floor.

Daniel had eaten just as much of Jason’s cock, and was about to start ripping into Jason’s sack. In one bite, he swallowed the sack down and then cleaned all the blood away. He then took one ball in his mouth and bit it in half so that the two halves of the ball were still attached to its cord. He then bit the two halves of the ball and swallowed, and then bit and swallowed the remaining halves. Jason now had no balls or cock. Daniel also was completely bare of anything male.

The Master was pleased with the work that Daniel and Jason had done on each other. I watched has he made a small cut in his hand and the boys drank deeply from his blood. I couldn’t believe what happened next, before my very eyes a cock and balls grew on Daniel and Jason where their own had once been. This time however their cocks and balls were twice the size they had once been. Their bodies had grown a strong man’s set of cock and balls. I was in shock and amazed at the same time. The Master proclaimed that from that night onwards those boys would love no one but each other. He also made sure that to keep their youth and beauty they must eat the cock and balls from the body of a young man or boy at least once a week. The cocks and balls were the life force that gave them everlasting life.

"Now its your turn, if you are still game!" the Master said to me. I was ready to live on a diet of making love to boys and men while still being able to eat from that which makes them male.

I agreed to the change. I was already naked and the boys started to wank their new cocks over my body while my Master had a meal of my own cock and balls, which had been with me since birth. I could feel no pain at all when he bit my ball sack, with balls in them, in one bite. He had a lovely time eating my virgin balls and cock. I'm sure that the taste was improved by the cum of the boys, which the Master used to dip my now crushed balls into, which he then swallowed in one go. My cock was given the same treatment, but he kept sucking on my cock to keep it hard.

I looked down at myself and saw that nothing was left of my maleness at all. I wondered if I too would grow an even bigger cock and balls than before. As if answering my thought, the Master said that I would but first I must eat the cock and balls of the tied up boy. Only then would he would give me the blood to make my everlasting cock grow.

The boy's legs were parted and held apart by Daniel and Jason. The boy's cock went hard in my mouth as I sucked on him. I felt sorry to destroy his cock but my need was greater. His young cock tasted so good in my mouth. I bit through his cock head and swallowed the fresh meat. The boy screamed his head off, begging me not to hurt him any more. The Master told me not to worry because the boy was not one of us and therefore he would feel the pain. I bit another inch from his body and chewed this wonderful meat. His cock was hard as iron. The more I began to eat the harder he became. As I began to bite through his youthful flesh he came in vast amounts in my mouth. I enjoyed his young cum, it was very sweet.

I made eating his balls last longer. My Master dripped his blood onto the boy's balls. My own cock and balls began to grow as I ate the last of the boy's balls. I crushed his balls in my mouth, tasting his sweet young tender meat. His big cum factories exploding their last amounts of boy juice into my mouth. It was the best meal I had ever had. My cock was now bigger than ever and my balls were hanging low in their new sack. I had the need to fuck the boy. So, I fucked him and carried on fucking him until I shot my cum deep within his arse.

My Master had told me that my teeth would heal any wounds left on the boy. He would not grow a new cock or balls, he would forever be a fuck toy for any man that wanted him. I was looking forwards to my life of eating cock and balls, as were Daniel and Jason.

I returned home feeling like a new boy, which indeed I am. I was walking past the food store and saw the jar with the eighty sets of cut boys and men’s balls which my mother had kept. It was my birthday after all, so I ate the entire jar, making a mental note to add the cocks, from where the balls once hung, into my stomach so that they could join the balls and be whole once more!

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