Queer Horror
Back to the Black Lagoon
by SwampRat (1998)
The part-fish, part man was always after the women in the movies. But, was that because of contractual obligations? Come on now... don't tell me you watched that scaly butt undulate past and not want to grab it with both hands - or wish that gaping mouth was wrapped around your dick while those wide hands gripped your ass, squeezing as it sucked. Maybe you fantasized about a rough sex-session with your trunks ripped away and your screams of pain/passion muffled by the water, or a dock pylon, or the warm sandy beach...

Lagon took his name from the place he lived. At least that's what he heard from those who came to play in his domain. He saw many types of creatures who looked somewhat like him but none that interested him until one night..

He had heard noises coming from a secluded area, hidden by rocks and a waterfall. Two males were fighting, but in such a strange way! They would claw at each other, squeezing, grabbing, only to break apart to bump bodies and grip each other again. He wondered what the fight was about, there were no females in the area, and food was more than plentiful. He also noticed the way they kept reaching between each other's legs, tugging at the other's male-meat. He reached down between his own and tugged a little on his own smooth dick, shrugged, and kept watching the show. Then they changed positions.. Lagon moved as close as he could, watching the pair as the rubbing became more localized. One turned, pushing back while the other rubbed his cock against him and then slid into the butt-cheeks of his rival.

Was this how the fight ended? Or was it a fight at all? He had seen enough of these creatures mating rituals to know what they were doing. But two males? He opened his nostrils, taking in the scent of lust, watching the writhing bodies, and becoming aroused. The movements then became violent, the smaller one struggling where before he had been only pushing back on the bigger one. Then the struggles ceased and the smaller male slid off his rival's cock, sinking slowly. The larger male swam off. Lagon could still smell the lust, now tinged with fear, and he wanted this creature. He wanted it struggling in his grasp. He wanted to feel it's smooth skin under him as he thrust his cock into it.

He gripped the unconcious body and rapidly made his way back to the cave he called home. A webbed hand gripped the smooth ass as they broke the surface. Holding his catch close, he waded out and laid the man on the warm stone. It didn't move and he became puzzled.. Then remembered watching another being pulled from the water in the same manner. Lagon gripped the young man by his ankles and shook him up and down, waited a moment.. Then did it again. Water gushed on his feet, and he heard a cough.. A gasp, a series of coughs, and more gasps. Do it again? No, the male was breathing. He laid it gently down on its belly and knelt to caress the man's butt - so smooth! He closed his mouth, breathing through his nostrils, keeping his gills from drying out and at the same time smelling the incredible creature that had fallen into his arms.

The icthy-sapien pulled the man-cheeks apart and touched the little hole between them. It puckered up, and then opened again as if inviting something to be pushed inside. It was tempting, but Lagon wasn't sure how badly damaged the male was after fighting its rival, and he was feeling hungry. Raw fish had been a staple during his youth, but it didn't take long after watching countless open-fire cook-outs to master cooking his catches. Steamed-in-shell clams, baked fish and hot Rock Lobster were now what he preferred, along with the occasional stolen salad or bag of chips. A fire pit had been made in a hollow in the rock, carved out by eons of water dripping in the same spot. Dry wood was plentiful as the lagoon was close to the forest. He had tried all kinds of ways to bring fire to life: banging stones, snatching bits from other fires (and getting burned in the process), until he found 'The Bag.'

The bag had washed up on shore and he had taken it because it looked like a good place to put things. Inside were magical things in which fire lived. Sometimes it had to be coaxed out or hit or rubbed on to get the fire out. Lagon was more careful about the items when he pulled something out that looked unripe. It was hard, and didn't taste good, so he threw it away. After removing the shiny round thing from it that looked interesting. A short time later he was knocked from his feet and a loud sound hurt his hears. When he got his wits together, he found another pit blown in the sand and rock. It became widely used by the beach-combers and called "Fools Hole" Because it was certainly foolish to toss a grenade in the middle of the beach like that.

A few minutes of hunting brought up two large crabs, and some striped bass an angler would gladly have traded his rod for. All of it kept in a discarded piece of netting, the plastic mesh impervious to claw and rot. He cleaned the fish and added a few wild herbs as he had seen others do, then tossed them on the fire. Lagon had tried the stick method but it was impossible to grab sticks with webbed hands. The coals worked just fine. Fire was an amazing creature - it could be fed, watched, and enjoyed. It gave back warmth and light. But like many wild things, it was not tame and could get out of control rapidly. It also bit when touched. Lagon smelled the food, again squatting to stroke the smooth skin, fascinated by the unconcious being before him.

Brian was all too happy to follow Jack to the lagoon that afternoon. Their relationship was falling apart and he had already bought a bus ticket to leave while his soon-to-be ex-lover was at work. Jack was a slob, but he could live with it. Jack was rough, which made their lovemaking all the more exciting. But Jack played around with both sexes, and Brian knew he had his eye on someone else.

Jack also didn't like being dumped. He preferred to do the dumping. Brian fully expected to be abandoned at the beach, which was why he had brought along some money for a phone call and the taxi that would get him back long enough to gather his few belongings and leave. But the day was warm and the sun shone brightly and Jack had one hand on the wheel and the other between his legs, playing with his dick that stuck out from his shorts. "No Underwear.. And you keep yourself lubed so I can fuck you Anywhere, Anytime." Jack had ordered.

"Yes sir." because the Dom had ahold of his balls and was twisting them the way he liked.

It was a beautiful spot and they laughed and tussled on the warm sand before things got hot."Let's go fuck out in the water." Brian had little choice but to follow as his cock was being pulled, now as naked as Jack's was. The water was cool and the splashed around before kissing and stroking each other. The young man moaned as a finger rubbed against his anus, pushing its way in.

"Mmmmm.. You feel ready, turn around." Brian did so, trembling and moaning again as Jack's cock pushed into him. It wasn't huge but since it was the only one he had ever had, he didn't care. It felt too good!

A growing pain along Brian's leg told him something was wrong. "Jack..." he said concerned, feeling the fingers on him, gripping his tits in a way that made him buck on the hard dick. "Jack... I have a cramp. Jack?"

An arm was around his neck and he found himself choking. "You got something alright. You didn't think I would find that ticket. Little bitch." His balls were squashed painfully, black spots appearing before his eyes. "You can drown here for all I care. Too bad, you were a good fuck." Everything went black as Brian slipped into the water, not noticing Jack pull out of him and leave, not feeling a new, strange set of hands grip him.

Brian awoke to the smell of water and of fish cooking and the feel of someone playing with his ass.


He half-thought his lover had second thoughts and rescued him. The slap of wet feet on stone, the hiss as the fish were turned, then the strange hand was back, squeezing his butt. Someone had saved him. And he was more than willing to trade sex for some of that food. He lifted his hips and wriggled them a little, still weak, but hoping to get the message across. Then two hands, webbed like they had diver's gloves on, spread his cheeks and teased his anus. The brush with death had made Brian more than a little horny.. He was about to cum when Jack, make that Shit-Head, had tried to kill him.

"Please..." he croaked, lifting his knees, wanting it badly.

He felt felt something brushing against him, a tentative thrust. Then a log stretched his anus open, pushing its way inside his still slick passage.

"Gaw- Damn!" He shuddered, thinking that they grew 'em big around here. Another shove and he moaned loudly. The bastard wasn't just bigger than Shit-Head, he was longggg. Another thrust and Brian did a very good wolf howl, no longer caring who or what was behind him, as long as it kept feeding him that huge cock!

Lagon was amazed. He had gone to check on the food (a little time more, the crabs were just turning color) and returned to find the creature moving under his touch. It wanted something. Perhaps to continue what it had been doing with the other, some sort of mating ritual. But none of the others had abandoned their mates the way this one had. Perhaps, perhaps they were no longer mates. He had seen many males who did not have the same female in tow when they returned to the beaches. Then this one could be his! His erection throbbed at the idea of having flesh to rub against, be pushed into. His - his to mate and sleep with and feed. His to fight with others for. To take, dominate. .. Strange feelings coursed through him as he rubbed his cock between the smooth cheeks, seeking entrance.

It made pleading noises, moved as he found the opening. "Be patient... I am new to this."

He had no vocal cords and so hissed softly in reply, and pushed. It was too small. But it had taken the other, it would take him! Instinct took over, hands gripping the hips, thigh muscles bunching as it thrust past the opening, feel it stretch around his cock and then he was in. The male made a noise like Shep and Rusty and Dog. The loud creatures that sometimes came with the upright beings. He knew their names because they were repeated many times. Such unruly fingerlings! He wondered if they were the upright beings offspring, and whether they would change when they grew to resemble their parents. Perhaps they were another race that stayed with 'Man', as the creatures sometimes called themselves.

The hole was tight. Too tight. Lagon could only get half his dick inside the male, but it was enough. More than enough when he reached down to grip the swinging male-meat, tugging on it as he has seen others do. A few strokes and it was jerking his hand, the smell of fresh semen coming up to him, stirring more feelings. He would have lifted his hand to taste this interesting liquid, Except he was a little busy himself. The hole he had shoved his cock into felt like it housed a hungry fish. It was pulling on him, nibbling on his maleness, but without teeth. Just smoothness squeezing on him until his semen boiled from his balls and out his cock. His grip tightened and he jerked upright, tugging hard on the male's rod, which made the fish tug harder, and more sticky sap ran down his palm.

'Feed well.' He thought, swaying through the firstbBig orgasm of his life.

Brian moaned... This guy wasn't just built, he must have balls big as buckets! Semen filled him, continuing to spurt until he felt it was going to run out his ears. The strange hand had tugged him to orgasm and he lay, moaning. Then the fingers gripped his tightly.

"Oh, please sir... I couldn't cum again. Not so soon..." They jerked on him roughly, a second wave of hot semen splashing up his ass. He found that he found he could cum again.

"Oh yes master. Put your slut-boy in his place."

For a very long time they stayed that way, Brian's wonder growing with each passing minute as the monster inside him showed no signs of getting soft. The thought of being made to take the male this way, all damn night long, made him swoon. The hand squeezed him one more time then it left his abused cock to grip his ass. The still hard cock slowly slid from him, stopping at the head as if trying to decide if it should come out or be shoved back in. It moved back and forth, teasing him to no end, making Brian shudder and gasp.

He dreamed of a Master with a big dick who would give him rough-love, and maybe he had found the one? Then it withdrew, slapping his cheeks, which were dribbling a little. If the male squatted in front of his face he would clean that magnificent log of male-meat without caring where it had just been. He would worship it, sleep with it on his cheek, keep it clean and well-drained. He felt the other get up and walk past him. Brian saw webbed feet like swim fins, glittering scales on muscular legs. Then time stopped. Like a dipstick, half the big dick was covered with whitish cum.. That's what had been inside him? It pointed out and down, still showing no signs of getting soft. He had heard of people with huge dicks, but this... It looked like a dark four by four sticking out from the crotch.

The shiny leg moved and nuts swayed between well-muscled thighs. Two tennis balls shoved into the end of a leather sack, completely hairless. Brian damn near came again at the thought of them nestled against his cheeks, or slapping his as the male reamed him out with that horse-cock. He bit his lip as time sped up again, now watching the strangely flattened ass come into view. Not that it wasn't rounded, tight and packed, he drooled wantonly at the thought of it riding his face. It was just, different. The big male squatted before a circle and he could see those huge nuts sway and bob between them. If he wasn't so weak he would have crawled over and laid on his back just so he could munch on them.

The male returned with a palm leaf. On top was a bass, grey from the ashes, and a whole crab which was boiled in shell. The creature squatted, putting the food in front of Brian, who leaned forward and licked the tip of that magnificent cock. A soft hiss warned him, but he couldn't stop himself from taking the head in his mouth. It had to be a couple inches thick and gave copious amounts of pre-cum. He sucked on it until another hiss made him pull away, and put his head on the floor.

"Forgive me sir.." Nothing happened for a long moment. Then the male got up and walked off. Brian just lay there, amazed. Jack would have smacked him hard for doing that. But this one hadn't done anything but hissed. Maybe he was more lenient and liked a bold submissive who would risk a little to get a little. Or maybe he would return with a switch a tear Brian's ass up. Either way the young man would love it..

He waited until his new dominant returned and saw something drop by the fish. A bottle... of beer? He got up on his knees, grimacing as he felt things shift. Damn good beer. And fresh fish. And a cock that would make him yodel.

"Damn, I think I could fall in love with you" And lost his voice entirely. A face that was barely human with dark fish eyes stared at him for a moment. Then the large hands moved to its own 'plate', pulled a similar crab apart, eating it shell and all. The thick neck was actually gill plates, and while there was a definite chest, there were not even bumps for nipples. Just more smooth scales. A goddam freak! His new lover was a...

The dark snake between the scaly thighs swayed before him, the fat balls almost brushing the ground under it. And all Brian could think about was getting cleaned off and fed so he could get that monster in his hands, in his mouth and up his ass as many times as possible. "I'm queer. I like to be Dominated. I can't afford to be prejudiced as well." Who had said that to him?

"I think I'm in love with your penis.. You don't mind, do you?" Another grunt which could mean anything made him blush. Twisting the top of his beer off, he squatted down and ate, peeling the skin back with his fingers, 'ouching' a few times. But it was the best food he had ever tasted. And the view was great!

Lagon watched his new mate eat. He didn't care for the stuff in the green bottle. It was too bitter but the male seemed to like it almost as much as his dick. He noticed the looks that the man gave him, always ending between his legs. It puzzled him but he liked the attention. The male was soft so he had to be careful not to rip the smooth skin, but there was little worry of that. The first time had been good, but he could repeat it many times before having a true orgasm that made his nuts empty and his mind go blank. It took many strokings to get to that plateau, each one enjoyed before continuing on to the next.

He got up and walked to the beach to wash and give the leftovers to other hungry mouths. The male walked behind stopping when he did, watching him squat beside a tree and do what one must.. The male seemed uncomfortable at first, then moved to another side and did the same, red mottling the strange face as he moved to watch. Reaching out and stroking the smooth skin seemed to help. A small pool of warm water was used to wash in, then back to the cave because it was cool and the sun was hot. They lay together, not doing much. Lagon occasionally slid his cock in the male's ass to ejaculation, but more because he enjoyed watching his mate's reactions. The noises, and the pushing back at him and the splatter of cum on the stone.

That night another fire was made and clams by the handful were steamed in their shell, eaten with wild garlic. Then they lay together, this time Brian lay on his back and let the creature play with him.. He had already cum more times today than in the last few weeks. But every time the big cock slid in his ass and pumped him full of hot ball-juice he popped his cork. As the fire died down he grunted as a big hand squeezed his butt.

"Damn, Don't you ever get enough?'

But he rolled over and lifted his hips, now eager to see how much of that meat-stick he could take. Gentle 'hands' rubbed his ass, parting the cheeks so the dripping cock-tip could rub him, seeking his hole. Then finding it. Grunt. Always a gentle push to open his anus. Then the thrust, sinking it deep. Brian chewed on his lower lip, pushing up against the pole sliding in his guts.

"Ohh, deeper. Shove that big cock all the way Up My ASS!"

He could feel it throb, and as a webbed hand grabbed his balls, hot spurts of cum splashed inside him, making things hazy, pleasure burning up his spine, thrusting on the dick that made him so happy. Still more cum flooded his butt and he passed out after his third wave of ecstasy. Brian awoke with a need and gently undid the hands, sliding off the huge dick and making his way to a tree before letting go.. He smiled sadly knowing this relationship had to end. He loved the sex, and the attention, but he wanted something besides fish and there was a matter of a job to be found and... it just wasn't fair!

He just wasn't the type to live as a beach bum, no matter how much he wanted that dick in him every night. Hell, all day too didn't sound too bad. He returned to find the male had washed himself, the slick meat clean and laying at an angle on the stone. He laid down, taking it in his mouth, sucking the pre-cum out of it, tonguing the head, falling asleep rubbing the scaly ass.

When Lagon awoke, it was to find his new mate gone. Maybe that was why the other man had left him. He felt anger, slapping his hands on the wall. Then sorrow, knowing even if he took another it would not be the same. His dick was still wet from being in the male's mouth, and he stroked it. Then sighed softly, going out to do another days worth of living. Four more times the sun set on his home without the feel of the male beside him. On the fifth, he heard noises coming from the cave and hissing a warning as he prepared to do battle with whatever had dared invade his territory. As he entered the opening, something rushed up and wrapped arms around him. The smell was familiar but different. Confused, he hugged back feeling the same mounds of smooth flesh in his grasp. but they were covered by something. Wetness splashed on his shoulder, but the air had none in it.

A babble of noise came from his mate, 'job' being the most used. Maybe this one had more than one mate.. He didn't like that. But unless job came to fight for Brian he could do little. Then the male removed his skin, showing the smooth one he knew best. He watched as the male moved to a bag, taking a thing out. It went around the neck he had nibbled on with wonder, made of something that smelled of dried hide. Brian knelt before him, collared as befits a slave and waited for his master's approval. Lagon looked at the male for a long moment, then grabbed the beautiful man-ass, digging his fingers in like he knew Brian enjoyed, and lifted the male up, nodding to himself as he heard the gasp and felt the man-cock stirring against his own. The creature may do strange things, but it was still his, and he still knew how to make it wriggle.

He carried his mate deeper into the cave and laid him down, biting on the bumps that poked from the male's chest, being careful not to bite through the skin, just rough it up. But when he finished and made the 'roll-over' sign, the male nuzzled his smooth chest, got up and walked over to something and lay down in it, butt sticking up. The new thing felt much softer than the rock. The creature rubbed his cock up and down the man's cheeks, until his mate pushed up, showing he was ready. He then squatted and pushed his dick into the tight hole he had come to love so much. Lagon lifted the smooth ass towards him, kneeling, shoving deeper, feeling the passage open around his erection. He put both hands on the floor and straightened his knees a little, starting to thrust but waiting for a sign he was in too far.

Instead the wonderful hole tugged at him, his mate pushing up at his thrusts, taking all of him. He felt the smooth skin of the male's cheeks rubbing his nuts and he hissed, starting to cum even as he plowed the man's ass-furrow roughly. For two more turnings of the sun they ate, swam and fucked to exhaustion. At least Brian was tired, the creature always seemed ready for another round. Then it was time for him to leave. He packed up some things, left others, knelt to kiss his master's cock once more, and walked up the beach where Lagon could not go - someone had taken a shot at him and he decided it best not to go to that place again.

Again the sun rose and set, but this time he counted them, and when it was time Lagon combed the beach for something to give his lover. A large shell that danced in the sun would do. He returned to find his mate was not alone. A soft hiss got their attention. The two humans turned and he watched the eyes of the entering creature. The same ugly look when they saw his face, changing as they took in his frame. They both began to smile as his cock stiffened under the gaze of two males. They made noises with undertones of desire as he stepped into the cave, putting the shell down. If this was 'Job', it would be easy to take Brian from him. But somehow he didn't think it was going to be that easy.

The new male knelt in what was easily seen as a begging position. He nodded approval and felt fingers run across his erection, then the wetness of a tongue, making him hiss softly, pre-cum leaking as fast as it could be licked clean. Lagon watched his mate kneel behind the new male, laying down and moving between the Man's legs. The moan made him 'grin', knowing the feeling of that hungry mouth on his balls. Then a mouth was on his sack, and he spread his legs a little, hands on his sides, eyes closed with pleasure. A hiss was all the warning either man got as the cannon blew its sticky load over them."Do we stop?" A muffled answer came from the floor. "Nah. He will cum like this five or six times before the big blast.."

The man whose name was Quentas was awestruck. He had run into Brian in a diner, heard his life story summed up by the words "I Left Shit-Hea... I mean Jack."

The latin male grinned. "You were right the first time. But I see you have taken another.. There is a faint tan line around your neck that could only be from a collar. What's he like?"

Brian had to laugh. "Ugly as a mud fence, but I never got above his waistline enough times to really notice. He is rougher than Jack ever thought of being, but tender and gentle at the same time. I had to teach him how to spank me."

Quentas' eyes it up. "Hung?"

"With Maracas that make a bull envious?" Brian laughed again.. "Jack was my first so I thought eight-inches was impressive. Hah! I walked funny for a couple of days after this one got ahold of me." He leaned over and said in a low voice, " And I don't think his cock ever goes soft... it may go down, but it's as hard as steel no matter how many times he fucks you."

Quentas gave a soft throaty purr.. "De Dios! How may I meet this stallion of yours?"

Brian gave a noncommital answer..

"Who is your best buddy? Whose shoulder did you cry on when 'That Bastard' hurt you.. Besides, there is no such thing as too big, eh?"

But he was beginning to think he was wrong. A Pan with the face of a Mudfish. So, he would kiss this Mudfish full on it's lips if it got that cock up his ass. He has stretched himself and made sure he was well-lubed, and now was glad of Brian's advice. He stroked the monster, feeling it dribble semen down his back, rubbing it with his head as his fellow submissive munched on his balls. He looked around.

"There is no place to stand or bend over." Another muffled laugh. "Unless you want to be blasted off him, your best bet is lying on your stomach, hips up." The dark male nodded and shuffled backwards, standing to turn, looking over his shoulder. Right on cue a wide hand slapped his ass, fingers gripping his entire cheek, claws digging in enough to make him sweat. He shivered, pushing back at the horse-sized hunk of meat, rubbing against his butt.

"Ohh.. I must have it!" He worked his rear against the big male. With little result.

"Look over your shoulder and nod. But I warn you - "

Quentas looked over his shoulder and nodded, wriggling his butt. The greenish head nodded back. And he was impaled.

"I warned you.." But the words fell on deaf ears. He was a sheath for the huge sword, a container for the sticky sap that even now dribbled like lava in him. His dick jerked to life, throbbing with every inch that slid in. And still there was more.

He wailed and wriggled and bent over, hoping to be fucked, not just split open like a chicken on a skewer. A thrust got a groan in return; another thrust, a deeper moan. Then clawed fingers spread his cheeks apart and every last inch plowed up his passage, the fat balls slapped his and he came harder than he could remember.. His ass sucked at the huge cock as his balls emptied on the floor. Then he felt the battering ram start to spill its hot load up his ass at the same time. It pulled back, and shoved home! He felt it throb, felt the stickiness and the warmth, and felt it moving faster. His nuts gave up absolutely every last drop and he wheezed, waiting for respite.

What he got was claws scratching at his nipples. At one time Quentas had thought of having them pierced.. Now he vowed if he lived through this he would have then popped and not even worry about aesthetic.

The only sounds were his panting, the hiss of pleasure coming from his Dom-For-Life, and the occasional chuckle from the one he would get even with somehow, even if it took renting a horse and a sling. Then the thick cock plowed into his ass again and he substituted a whale for the horse. The claw scratched at the underside of his cock-head, tugging on the encircling cock-ring. "Oh, no.. oh, please... I can't. I don't have any more cum left!" Then he felt breath on his back, and something nibbling on his neck. Nibbling like a hungry fish. His balls got wrapped in strong fingers and twisted like an apple-press, and Quentas found another plateau to exist on. The last thing he thought before a mule came and kicked him past ecstasy was I'll Be... There was some more. He came again somehow and the firehose got turned on full in his ass. Somehow he slid free because he could feel spurt after spurt hitting his back and balls, coating him with slippery spunk. There was the most beautiful squish he had ever heard as it found his anus once more, plowing in him. And then he felt nothing.

Lagon carefully removed the new male from his dick, laying him down gently, then beckoned to Brian, who moaned and bent over. He walked over, feet making a soft slap-slap sound , cock still dribbling. Then stood behind the male and spread the smooth cheeks, shoving his cock in. As the male's moans turned to screeches of pleasure, he pulled the smooth body close, rubbing it, eyes closed. No matter how many others may come to be taken or to be played with, This one was his mate, the one he would enjoy the most, the one he wanted to hold for the rest of his life. Brian would probably be thinking the same thing but he was too busy cumming all over the floor as the second of the five or six Big Orgasms the fish-like male was capable of blasted into his guts.

© 1998 Gay Furry Association

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