Queer Horror
Gay Doom
by SwampRat (6/15/98)

There are many levels of hell... and some are more interesting than others.

Author's Note:
When I first started playing DOOM, I noticed how Cute the Imp's butt was.
All the others are nice, but those brown furry cheeks just begged to have more
done to them than be peppered with buckshot. As game technology gets better,
it gets easier to make things lifelike. I am still hoping for 'Anatomically Correct.'

In the dim light, something stirred... groaned.

"Well. I see you are awake."

A head lifted, bruised. Eyes opened to stare into the gloom. Then winced shit as a harsh light hit them, illuminating a man in battle armor. Torn, scratched, dented, it told of a great fight. The man's arms were chained behind him, barely being held up by poles on either side.

"You were a handful to capture alive - but I think well worth it." A cup was held to his mouth, and he swallowed, tasting a light wine. "Were you expecting blood? Something nastier maybe?" A chuckle and he was given another swallow. "Bad press, of course. We don't get the delicacies the Higher-Ups do." A third and he refused any more to drink, instead choosing to glare at the monster. Something was very wrong. Sam had seen enough naked Demons to notice differences. He could have sworn the demon wriggled its hips as it walked back to its desk.

Perhaps it was female? The body language suggested it. He struggled a moment more, and then just sagged. Whatever happened, he was pretty much powerless to stop it.

The monster sat down, and looked at the man for a moment, then over at something on its desk. A knock came from behind him.

"Come" it said.

The word, albeit simple, sounded dirty coming from the beast's muzzle. A door creaked and something entered.

"Work, Work, Work. Ooooooooo! Who's the new one?" Sam grunted as a clawed hand grabbed his rear, then a brown Imp padded past, eyeing him. Same noted this one was male; very much so! All the other creature he had encountered were neuter - Or as best as he could figure. Not that he had looked, mind you - but curiosity was curiosity.

"Mmmmmmmm. Butch." The new imp hissed, licking its lips.

"You have something for me?" came a familiar growl.

The new Imp turned, its red eyes never leaving the human. "Yeah. Here are the reports on East Sector." It handed a sheaf of papers over, hissing as a big hand rubbed its butt. "We getting him?" it questioned. Sam wanted to be sick. There was no mistaking what this one wanted.

"No. We have other plans for him." The new Imp looked petulant, then moved when a big hand swatted its cheeks. "Back to work - Reginald."

The monster made a face and padded off, but stopped long enough to wriggle a finger through a hole in Sam's armor and rub him intimately. "I bet you would love to beat me up." It hissed, eyes blazing. Sam jerked and grunted, wanting to do just that. 'Shit! They even made fighting dirty.'

His captor licked its finger, grinning. "Reg.." it intoned.

"I'm going, I'm going." Then it growled soft and low, "Anytime a hot, hunky male wants to beat on this cute Imp's ass. You just whistle." Then it was gone, leaving the man feeling like he had been slimed. A chuckle hit his ears. "Reg is - enthusiastic. But you know how it is getting good help, especially here."

It shrugged and looked the papers over. "Well Samuel Markham. If you wonder why you are here, It's simple. You killed a lot of my brethren, and there was a lot of... discussion about what to do with you. Finally, it was decided to send you to the worst Hell there is for one of your kind - ME." Undressing, it stood and came to him, cock swaying between it's legs. "Reggie is right - you are one butch human." It gripped his crotch, a clawed finger rubbing his cock through the tattered cloth and what was left of his cod-piece, the other hand combing his short hair.

Sam growled and shook his head "Go fuck yourself, you goddam faggot demon!"

"That's the spirit." It growled back, fondling the human erotically. "You come back in a millennium or two and tell me that, and maybe I will believe it."

It squeezed his ass roughly, ripping a hole to slip a finger in and goose the man, growling when the cheeks clenched tightly around its thick finger. "You'd be fun, but you have other places to be." A hoof stomped on a plate in front of him and the floor vanished."Have fun sexy" it said. Then it kissed him and snapped the chains on the poles. Sam plunged into darkness before he could reply.

The man spat. He could still feel himself slide down that hairy leg. Struggling as he fell, he was rewarded as he felt the chains part. It took but a moment to rid himself of them. The tunnel he was falling down was starting to get warm, and he looked down at the steel links falling faster than he. His clothes ripped on the walls of the tunnel, leaving shallow scratches that burned. "Shiiiiiiittt!" He yelled, feeling like he had been tossed into a thicket of thorns. He shoved his boots against the tunnel to slow down, hearing them scrape and rip. Suddenly he was in water, and going down deep.

Jerking, Sam pulled off his heavy chestplate and kicked for the surface. Within seconds he was gripping a crumbly edge and lifting himself onto his belly, wincing as more cuts and bruises made themselves known. Sam crawled out and sat coughing on the ledge, eyes closed, feeling every abuse done to him over the last few days. He was alive, a minor miracle in itself. "Forget the clothes", he thought, "what was left of them wouldn't make a loincloth. As for my boots..." He tossed what was left of them away, hearing a hiss as they hit lava. Just great! Laying there, he felt his eyelids grow heavy, but now is no time to sleep! "Rest. Relax." Something murmured to him.

He woke with a start, feeling pleasure wash over him. "Damn! Thought I was too old for such things." His muscles contracted as another wave came, spurting his seed into. He opened his eyes, and stared into a single green orb, which was set in a much larger red sphere. Its mouth was closed on his erection and it was licking him. He could feel the big, warm organ gripping his dick, making him moan, shiver, and spurt again. Something was wrong as Hell about this. Ok, so he was in Hell, but still... He felt teeth press into the base of his stalk, then the creature floated up, pulling all the cum he had out of him, tongue still wrapped around the head. It grinned at him as he groaned, and began to lick the sweat off his belly, swirled over his balls, stroked his straining erection, keeping it hard. Warm breath ran over his body, as it moved lower, cleaning the sweat and grime from his thighs, giving him a tongue-bath.

Sam gritted his teeth, trying not to curse out loud, keeping as still as possible, lest it get any other ideas. "Mmmmm, you humans taste soo goood!" It kissed his dick, then winked and floated off, muttering something about being late for the orgy. He waited until it was completely out of sight before grabbing handfuls of water and washing himself. Never had he felt so - dirty. And his dick refused to go down, waggling at him.

"Traitor." He growled at it, then noticed something. He felt really good! His wounds weren't bothering him as much, he wasn't hungry, thirsty or tired. The walls gave off a sickly light as he took stock. No clothes, no weapons, and surrounded by queer creatures who wanted more than his hide. Just fucking wonderful! He stood a moment longer, thinking he had been through worse. But, he couldn't remember when, right off hand. He chose a direction at random and walked away into wherever this was, ready for most anything. Or so he thought.

As the human turned a corner he saw a large imp much like the one he had left 'upstairs'. "Shit," Sam muttered, wishing he had something besides a hardon to defend himself with. Shaking the thought off, he noticed there were plenty of fist-sized rocks around. He had to turn in order to find one that was big enough to suit him, and as he grabbed it, he heard a snort. "Mmmmm, nice ass."

Sam froze for a moment, then whirled, ready to toss the stone and run. But all he could do was stare. He didn't believe his eyes. The monster stared at him for a moment, gaze sliding between his legs, black tongue licking gilded lips. "You are a hot one." Then struck a classic 'muscle-man' pose, arms curled, hips turned slightly. It moved its bull-like head, flexing, pouting its mouth sensually Gold flashing on its half-closed eye-lids, golden rings gleaming in the light as they moved, piercing horns, ears, nose, nipples and cock. As it moved its body, he could see the hooves had also been painted gold. Fingers caressed furred hips, framing a pair of muscular, rounded butt-cheeks. It squeezed them firmly, one eye winking at its audience. "Like what you see, sexy?" It growled, a faint lisp making it sound stranger than expected.

When Sam said nothing, it wriggled its butt at the human, then turned around and slid a clawed hand over its cock, playing with the ring that hung through the pointed tip. Striking another pose, it looked at him with undisguised lust, reaching out. Suddenly it yelped and jumped as a hand smacked its ass!

"Hey!" An imp smirked at the monster, who was holding its rear and glaring at the brown creature. "Goldie only likes looking... and being looked at...well, and occasionally jerking off. Don't you Sweets." The Demon huffed, shook its head and clopped off, growling something about its makeup needing to be redone. "Now me, I prefer a good ... " The sound of a teleport pad drowned out whatever the male was going to say. Sam spat on the ground again and walked closer to see three rings inset like a triangle within a couple feet of each other.

"Strange," he muttered, walking past the first one. Only to jump when a hand grabbed his butt!

"Hey! You." He turned, to see the flash as the imp vanished again. Damn teleport pads! The human stood a moment, both fists cocked, stepping backwards in case it showed its ugly... whatever. And got goosed again! "You sonofa.." He turned again, and again there was nothing there.

Sam tried to keep one eye on the left pad, and one on the right pad, half-crouched with both fists ready again, and stepped backwards. He jerked upright with a screech as his nuts were squeezed, his nipples pinched and something hard, thick and dripping rubbed against his butt. "Admit it, you love it." Sam reached back to rip the imp off his back and got empty air. "You, you little..!"

For the half hour or so, the human staggered between the three pads, trying to get a fist, foot or anything on the bastard who caressed, kissed, nipped and generally played with his body. All during that time the only sounds was curses and giggles and the hum of teleport pads as the creature lived up to its namesake, always behind him.

"Stand still, damn you!"

Sam was panting now, winded and dizzy from whirling between the pads, never quite quick enough. It was bad enough he was caressed, nuzzled and kissed, but did it have to comment on his anatomy while doing it? He was tiring, panting hard, and sweaty when he heard the pad go off again. He made a half-turn, then quickly turned back, knowing it would appear in one of the two rings in front of him and when it did. He felt clawed fingers wrapped around his dick, stroking it gently and a tongue slid up his shoulderblade, cleaning it of sweat.

"You feel so good in my hand. I bet you would feel even better up my ass."

Sam stood, trying to catch his breath, which wasn't easy as part of the problem was it did feel good. He tensed, then threw a left hook that spun him around. He barely caught himself from falling, holding his trembling legs, and gasping for air. "I'll get you yet!" he screamed as he missed.

He then stiffened as fingers parted his cheeks and a muzzle was shoved in, giving his anus a long obscene kiss, tongue flickering across the puckered ring, while another clawed hand stroked his dick back to full hardness yet again. Sam roared and jerked upright, about to twist around. "Admit it. you love it." he heard even as the creature dissolved into nothingness. A bite on his butt, a kiss on his balls and one long lick on his dick before the familiar hum, and silence again.

Sam shook himself and stood a moment thinking. Then, he threw a hay-maker straight into the chin of the imp who had just teleported in. Whack.

"Damn!" he said, rubbing his hand, "You bastards are hard-boned." Then looked at the heap of brown fur a few feet away. "One thing you are right about - I do love beating the crap out of you."

Carefully avoiding the outlines in the rock, he walked onward down the path, if that is what it could be called, wincing as the words of the first imp he encountered returned - "Anytime a hot, hunky male wants to beat on a cute imp's ass, just whistle." A noise behind Sam made him whirl. The creature wasn't quite out after all. It groaned, gripping its dick and panted, "Ohhhhhh! Hit me again!" Then came all over its belly and fell back, panting heavily.

If Sam had his boots he would have kicked the queer bastard square in the balls. But he didn't, and he wasn't about to put his toes there, despite how tempting it was. He growled and turned again, disgusted with himself. "Damn air, it has got to be the air." He continued on down the path, not listening to the sniggering behind him and ignoring the stare that burned on his bare ass.

Sam continued on until he heard yells and screams coming over a ridge. His blood burned as he grimly made his way up, determined to set the souls whose screams he heard free. He stood on top of a hill for a moment, then flung himself down so he wouldn't be seen, lifting his head just enough to watch the goings-on.

What he saw overwhelmed him. Men in tattered uniforms hung from poles, hands chained above them. Brown creatures much like the one he had punched intermingled with 'Arnies' - pink-skinned demons with big mouths and muscular that ran in a permanent stoop. An army of them milled around, looking for an unattached body part to suck on, play with or stick between their glistening cheeks. Of course the monsters had dicks, and were busy buggering the keening humans, adding to the noise when they came. Along with this menagerie were 'red balls', licking at the cum the others missed, and 'brown' ones that caressed with their hands and long tongues. This was bad enough, but standing like a king among the court was a huge creature that looked like a brain on a platform, with big metal legs splayed under it. The eyes oozed lust as it stroked a pair of hapless men, taking first one and then the other into its slit of a mouth, sucking them like bottles. He could hear the pleas and moans roll up the hill to him.

When they became so exhausted that they hung limp, a red ball would light up and fire a ball of energy into the man, who would scream with pleasure and become stiff again. This was truly Hell - never being able to stop cumming. The last straw was a monster who looked like its mother had screwed a machine. Its cock was a massive, life-like (if you are an elephant or a draft horse) dildo, while its left hand was more plain (if a twelve-inch long, three-inch thick, vibrating plastic penis could be called ordinary). It marched around stuffing its twin members into anything that moved, making them shriek, howl and wriggle. It was almost too much and he fervently wished for a shotgun to kill the bastards, or at least release them from their torment. For every human down there was a truly a zombie, their eyes glazed over in death, but unable to die; playthings for the perverted creatures.

He carefully crawled back down the hill, standing in time to hear a noise come from above him. One of the 'Arnies' was staring down at him, drool running down its big jaws. Three steps of those chicken-legs and it had him. He stifled the screams and yells as best he could as it munched on his ass, balls and whatever else would fit in a mouth the size of a 55-gallon drum. Its tongue shoved his cheeks apart and wormed into his pucker. For a moment it felt so good he didn't want it to stop.

Then he caught himself. "What the hell was going on here?" he thought. First the brown thing, then the orgy, and now this."Get your goddam tongue outta my asshole, you fucking queer bastard!"

Silence followed the outburst, cut only by the slobbers and grunts of the creature who had no intentions of stopping. The fact that it was shoving still more thick, wriggling tongue up Sam's butt only confirmed his suspicions. The creature moved one 'hand' around to grip his cock, stroking it while it teased his prostate. He could only moan and take it, caught in the creature's vise-like grip. Then a noise caught his attention. He turned his head. On the ridge were all the creatures that had been down below. Not even the collective gaze of the former soldiers staring at him could stop the orgasm that burned from his ass-hole, through his spine and kicked him in the head. He howled like a dog in heat, spurting cum like a broken firehose, jet after jet splattering loudly on the rocky terrain.

Then he heard the comments... "Did you see how much he came?", "I wonder how many times he can do it.", "I could sleep with that cock buried up my ass anytime", "Look at those hard nipples! I'll bet they are sensitive to caresses and nips", "I would love to lick the sweat off those balls.", "I would shove my muzzle between those sweet cheeks and not come up for air for a month!"

"Damn, you guys are making me horny!"

There was a chorus of laughs after that one bounced off the walls. Worse was the applause, sprinkled with cruel catcalls, wolf whistles and offers of 'muzzle-rides'. Sam couldn't help the blush rising over his face, Angry and embarrassed. "Did you see that?", "Bet he hasn't done it before." , "Hey sweets, you ever had your cock sucked on until you passed out?" Sam turned, now free to look down the slope. A deeper voice growled, "Ever stick your cock up someone's ass? Or had one in yours?" This was too much! He turned and gave them both barrels, finger-wise.

"Screw you All, buncha queer faggot bastards!"

There was another silence, giving Sam enough time to remember where he was, the state of undress that he was in and who he was telling off. A growl came from the group, scaring him badly though it had nothing to do with anger. The delude-welding monster grinned lustily. "Think you are up to it stud? Who would you like to have that big dick in first?" As one, the brown demons fell to their knees and began licking their lips. Bull-like humanoids turned, grabbing nearby zombies. The dildo-demon squatted and slid it's vibrating 'hand' up between its cheeks, groaning as the thick thing was pushed in deeply, moving its hips with lust as it screwed itself. Half of the Arnies played with their cocks, tongues hanging to the ground. The other half were squeezing their asses and wriggling obscenely. After a minute or so, they stopped and turned back to stare at the lone human. "Can't make up your mind? It is hard to decide, isn't it."

Sam took a step backwards and stopped suddenly, making his dick slap his belly. One of the imps moaned at the sound. "I love dick first thing in the morning. It is morning, isn't it?" The others nodded and grinned. He took another step back, and almost fell, and instead decided to risk it and turn around. Which brought another collective growl of lust.

"Or maybe a pair of muscular buns, hot and sweaty to lick and caress."

Another chorus of growls made him decide to move just a little faster. "Fresh meat." he heard one of them say. While another chorused it. He decided that the better part of valor was not to have his ass reamed by fifty or sixty horny demons and turned a walk into a semi-controlled fall down the hillside.

"Fresh meat!" echoed from many voices behind him, along with growls and pants and still more comments on his butt. The sound bayed him as he ran back the way he came, a virgin rabbit before horny hounds.

"Shit!" he panted, seeing an all-too-familiar brown form standing in the path. "Well... back for more?" Sam didn't even slow down. He lowered his shoulder, and tackled the imp, shoving them both through a portal. There was a flash and some nausea as they suddenly reappeared someplace else, rolling head over butt for a few feet and then lying, locked in each others arms.

"Mmmmm... It feels like you are happy to see me." The monster rubbed its body against his cock, throbbing as it squeezed his ass and panted a little. Sam could do nothing but wheeze and take it, actually happy it was only one imp. Even when it rolled him over and straddlled his legs, and then proceeded to take his dick into its ass. "Ohhhhhh, I love humans! Your cocks are soooo.." The creature arched, sinking fully, taking the man to the hilt. Sam's eyes bugged out a little - he had never felt anything so tight and warm clinging on his rod before. Clawed fingers raked his chest and belly gently, as it bounced slowly and then faster on him.

"Move for me human. Arch your hips up. I want every last thick inch inside my hot ass!"

The man could do nothing as his hips moved, pushing up to meet the imp's furry butt, feeling it squeeze him erotically.

Then the teleporter went off, and he groaned. Then groaned louder as a tongue lavished over his balls, licking at his cock as it slid in and out. Again it sounded, and again and again... "Oh Crap! they found me." he heard himself think.

Actually an army of imps had found him. Fingers and tongues ran over his sweaty flesh, pulling his hands into furred crotches to fondle hard, throbbing cocks.

"Cum in me." The one hunching over him growled.

"Cum for us." The others chorused.

They worked him over, stroking, sucking, kissing his flesh, Chanting "Cum!" every few thrusts. The chain broke as one shuddered, spewing hot sticky sap on his body, which was eagerly cleaned up by another. Then another came, and another. Then the one who rode him arched up and exploded, ass trying to eat his dick, sucking on it so strongly he came twice, balls munched on and sucked on and rolled with a warm tongue, basting them in saliva.

Everything stopped for a long, cum-soaked moment, then they all gave out a moan and fell on Sam, hugging whatever bit of skin was theirs and becoming still. As Sam got his breath back he inhaled the smell of male bodies, semen,saliva, and whatever else was in the air with great gulps, until he could move again. Snores and grunts came from those around him as he struggled.

"Damn, I think I would rather be bitten and mauled."

The teleporter went off again and in the light he could see a tall demon, again like the one at the desk. It clopped over and looked at him. "Well... I heard some noises coming from here and thought I would see what was going on..." It grinned, dick swaying between it's legs as it bent to run a large hand over the pile. "Looks like you were the main course." Sam couldn't even so much as flip the creature off. Then again - after the last time, he wasn't sure he wanted to either. It reached under a grunting brown furry hump, and rubbed his balls, making him jerk a little, feeling them get hot and swelling in the demon's hand. The imp was pulled off, growling loudly at the intrusion but quieting when another dick replaced the man's. Fingers curled around his cock and again he felt the heat, this time seeing the green glow, and feeling himself stiffen. Then it lifted him up and cradled him, clopped back to the transporter. "Let's go someplace more private." The lips kissing his abused cock were the last things he remembered.

Sam awoke to someone snoring. He was about to yell something about keeping the noise down when the events of the previous day came back. As if that wasn't bad enough, he had a mouthful of chest, with nipple. His balls were being crushed in a clawed hand and what could only be described as a horse-cock was jammed between in his butt cheeks, the head touching his hole. The man involuntarily contracted his cheeks, anus puckering up at the very idea of being humped. Which got a groan, a wave of pain from his abused nuts and hairy legs shoved up, thick meat pushing insistently at his rear orifice.

"You ain't putting that up my ass!" he intoned as he got up, determined to get away before the monster awoke.

"Got a problem, sexy?"

Oh joy. A red ball floated into view, and drifted around him. "I see... and I bet you are a virgin." it chuckled.

Sam sat upright, and was about to cuss the creature out when it chuckled and winked. "It's ok sexy. Here - let me help." The air charged and the ball glowed, then hissed and spat a ball of energy straight at Sam! There was no way he could dodge, but instead of horrendous pain, there was that feeling of well-being.. Especially between his legs.

A tongue probed his cheeks, licking his anus erotically. Then it wriggled inside him, lubing his passage.

"Ohhhhh." He moaned, feeling something bigger stretch him.. It hurt for a moment, then another hiss and another fireball and he was slowly sitting down, taking the length easily. The demon groaned, waking up.

"John, what you doing here?" The green eye winked at Sam, who winked back as he reached for the big nipples..

"Helping you ream out a newbie." The demon hissed, gripping the man's cheeks, shaking his head..

"Damn! No wonder you are so tight.."

The man lay back as his monstrous lover slowly pulled out and pushed into him, the red ball finding his jutting cock to suck on. "Besides, we have met before.. and he still tastes great!" Everything after that was a haze. He felt movement around him, was fed, washed, and fucked by so many different creatures he didn't even try to remember them all.

Of course he also had his share of mouths, tongues, butts on his body, finding a special thrill when someone groaned under or in front of him, begging for his semen. The final memory was this dark-eyed bull-like male and a red-eyed imp who took him into their bed, and into their arms for a long time.

Sam woke up and groaned. "What a horrible nightmare!" No more garlic, onion and anchovy pizzas for me! He got up, stumbled to the bathroom and emptied bowels, bladder and sinuses. Washed, he decided it was too early to get up and stumbled back to bed. He had no more than gotten comfortable when big hands pulled him close to a hoary body, one sliding down to rub his crotch. A deep, ugly but somehow familiar voice came out of the darkness.. "Mmmmmm. I don't know how you do it!" Teeth bit at his shoulder as something big and warm spread his cheeks. A moment's resistance and then the head opened him up and slid inside, his cock swelling in response. "You were such a hit at the orgy yesterday - taking on any and all comers. I damn near had to drag you away!" A thrust and he moaned, unable to make any other sound as the big dick slid deep into his ass.

"Of course there were others who were very reluctant to part with your anatomy. I admit that your wearing that harness and that steel collar just set off your hunky body so well. I would have been tempted tosSteal you, that is, if I didn't own you already. And the offers I got... I can tell you

Grunt. There are going to be a lot less demons wanting human blood in favor of human cock, let me tell you." Another grunt as he was shoved roughly on his belly, and held..

"So! You two started without me.. again." A petulant hiss came from his left. Light blinded him a moment..

"You snooze, You loose." Came from above him with a chuckle that vibrated his entire body.

Sam saw a familiar creature, brown fur, red eyes and swishy step.

"If you don't hurry up, I will make him cum on the sheets." The imp squealed and quickly came to the bed, lust evident in every movement.

"Get him up love.. you know where I want that cock!" It got on all fours and rubbed its furry butt against him as the monster above pulled him upright. Clawed fingers rubbed his erection between the hairy mounds, then pushed it In, making their owner squeal and wriggle.

"He may not be the biggest, but he is definitely the best!"

Another chuckle from the demon. "You think so, Reg?"

A hand slapped Sam's ass and like a startled horse he lunged forward, burying his length into the imp, balls slapping its firmly.

"Ohhhh.. You bet Sir! I wish we could get him into the office somehow, but I know we would Never get any work done." T

he Baron Demon pulled the man's hips back, pushing forward until the smooth ass was firmly against his crotch. The imp growled and shoved back, making their scrotums thump together. Sam jerked, squeezing the big log inside him and squirted a little pre-cum.

"You do that again and I will be cumming!"

Fingers reached around to play with the Imp's cock, both monsters moving, keeping the man trapped between them.

"Damn, I love your tight human ass." The big one growled, lifting it's human slave's chin and kissing him deeply.

"I love your human cock in my ass!" the creature gasped, gripping the bed, riding it's lover's stiff rod.

Sam could neither think nor move, being pummeled from both ends.. He rode the crest of pleasure to orgasm, hearing twin snarls as he milked the cum from one cock and spewed his own into another's ass. Flames burned him, keeping his stamina up through two.. three.. four orgasms. He rode the demon to exhaustion, and fucked the imp to oblivion.

"Well - I guess I will have to make breakfast... again."

He pulled free of the imp, smacking his still hard cock across its butt, getting a pained moan. Then pushed back, rubbing his body against the bigger one, shoulder brushing the big nipples, squeezing the soft dick inside him. The Baron fell onto its side, breathing deeply.

"You two think you can clean up the bed, and get in the shower, Or shall I call the office and tell them a human fucked your balls off and you won't be in today."

Sam grinned, gripping said nuts until they writhed and promised to make the bed and get in the shower. He hopped up, heading for the kitchen. "We have got to get more of them." The imp panted, slowly getting up and pulling the sheets he had scummed up. The demon nodded, rolling off the bed and gathering the cloth to toss it in the laundry basket, putting a clean one down. "I am not sure I could survive two horny humans."  They staggered to the shower, holding each other up.

The man laughed as he listened, making breakfast. Thank goodness they ate 'normal' food. Of course compared to 'complete, nutritious meals in a bar', Also known as 'shit' because of what it resembled and tasted like, he could have gotten used to Arnie steak. Plus, having creatures fall to their knees begging to worship his body was really good forthe ego. Upside, he was just another grunt, not even considered handsome. So he had to take it in the ass once in a while. He had gotten a lot worse from dipshits who didn't know squat about situations outside their cushy desk-jobs. Of course cooking with a lava flow required some getting used to, but he managed.

"Hey Limp-Dicks! Breakfast is ready." Then went to the door of the strange house and waited..

A few yards away a teleporter pad went off with it's usual light-and-sound show, and a brown form appeared, carrying a sachel. "Paper, handsome." Sam could get used to going naked all the time. The radiation from the walls was giving him a nice all-over tan, His feet were calloused enough to stand on the hardest rock and no boots to pinch or cramp his toes. The Imp rubbed it's body against his, panting heavily. Then it put the sachel to one side and knelt to nuzzle his dick, kissing it, fondling it.

"Will you be in later to abuse me? I love the way you throw a right-cross."

The man had to shake his head.. He had been beating up on Imps for years it seemed like and none had come back for more. That is, until now.

Then lips were on his cock-head, teeth nibbling, fingers caressing his balls in such a way he knew he wouldn't last. Semen exploded from his hard cock, sucked down hungrily, tongue lashing the tip of his dick to make it spew harder. Sam finally had to hold onto the creature's shoulders as it inhaled him to the roots, stripping him. One last kiss on his balls and a promise of what it would do when it returned, and the imp was gone. The human collected the paper and walked back in.

"Paper, sir."

The baron pulled him close and kissed him. "Thank you Samuel."

There were times to be formal, and times to not be.. And when a big hand squeezed his ass, with a burning touch, a muzzle opened to slide a tongue into his mouth and french-kiss him hard enough he swooned, was definately not the time.

"Ready to go Reg?" The imp growled, stroking itself, and nodded. Then danced away when the human reached down.. "Want me to take care of that for you?" The creature panted, and shook it's head, looking up at the Baron Pleadingly -

"We have to find a way to get him in the office."

The demon nodded, grunting as Sam stroked it's half-hard cock."Once in a while it could be arranged.." It leaned over and growled huskily, "How would you like to lay me over my desk and fuck my ass while an imp sucked on our balls."

All the man could do is nod vigorously and stroke the hardening dick a little faster. Reginald laughed. "Looks like we are both going in with hard-on's. You should hear the comments among the Lesser Demons - they all want their own hunky human to service.."

The bigger monster groaned. We would never get anything done. We would have to ask for more staff." His dark eyes lit up as did his hands and he gripped Sam, lust-fire burning the human into cumming all over the thick cock and balls until they literally dripped. The imp was on his knees, catching any excess, licking the man's cock-tip until it shone.

"Now let them talk, you rest. We will bring dinner home, so relax and fill those balls so we can drain them far into the night."

They both kissed the panting human and left. Sam could barely stand, decided it's wouldn't be too humiliating to crawl to the bedroom. Having just made it when a knock came on the door. A head appeared at the doorway. "Mmmmmm.. The smell of fresh cum get me all excited. I hope you don't mind - I brought a friend." A creature that looked like a Lizard in leather grinned at him, turning it's head back and forth, making it's gold nose-ring sway. "You really into males?" it said, licking it's black lips and stroking the imp's dick.

Sam nodded, eyes widening in surprise as it leapt clear across the room, to squat beside the bed and lick his cock. "We had heard rumors but.. you know how that goes." It got up on the bed, sliding his cock through its nose-ring, kissing the stalk to the base. Then with a slurp, it sucked his balls on, sharp teeth biting on his nuts, but gently. The man groaned, arching up right into the imp's mouth. He looked over at the mirror on the wall in time to watch it's cock disappear under the lizard's stubby tail. 'Just what I need - more horny monsters...'

The End?    

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