Queer Horror
Loving Spirit
By BostonBiGuy
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There are old legends that tell of a different type of vampire - sexual vampires. Spirits that would seek out mortals and steal their life force away by having intercourse with them.  These were known as either succubi (female spirits) or incubi (male spirits).  These tales are true.  I know many of you won't believe me, but I know from first-hand experience.

You see for several months now I have had an incubus as my lover.  I know it's dangerous, but to me it's worth it.  From our intercourse I have weakened, and I've become very sick.  I don't have much time left.  Even though I know this I won't refuse him when he comes for me tonight.

But I want to be able to share my story, so I will try to write this out and describe everything in detail, so that my tale may at least make it out there to lie amongst the vampire legends.

My story began on the night of a full moon.  I had gone to bed and was sound asleep.  At first I thought I was dreaming.  He had come into my room, the full moon making his pale skin glow.  When his hand touched me it was like ice - so cold that it numbed my skin where he touched.

It was then that I realized I was awake.  His eyes captivated me, they were a pale wintry blue.  Then he kissed me.  At first his lips were as cold as his hands - they didn't seem completely solid.  Then the world started to spin around me, it seemed that the bed had fallen out from under me.  I was falling, in free-fall, flying down, ever downwards; but there was no fear, I knew I was safe in his arms.

While I was experiencing this rush his lips had seemed to grow more solid against mine, warming up at the same time.  He broke the kiss, and it felt like I touched down lightly on my bed.  He seemed so fragile, ephemeral like the night's mist.

Then he lay against me and pressed his body into mine.  His body was cool against my own, but not as cool as before.  He kissed me again, and his skin warmed.  His touch that at first had been icy against my skin now become like warm velvet draped across me.

As the passion increased he became more real, more solid, more like a person.  For the first time I could now feel the pressure of his hardon against my own.  He started to grind his dick into mine.

A pleasure so intense, with all the force of a hurricane enveloped me. Before I knew it, it was over.  Orgasm ripped through me with an almost frightening intensity.  Then I felt only exhaustion, severe exhaustion.

I looked up at my phantom lover, saw him for the first time as solid, and seemingly human.  Then he faded away into moonlight and sleep overtook me.

The next morning I awoke very late, having slept throughout most of the day.  I was unsure about what had happened, the only thing I remembered clearly was the pleasure and him.

I knew it had been much too real to be a dream, but exactly what had happened I did not know.  What was he?  I knew there must be an answer somewhere.  So I searched every source I knew on the occult.

After long hours spent searching, I think I found an answer.  A vampire, more specifically an incubus, a male sexual vampire that draws the life essence from its victim during intercourse.  An incubus could cause extreme pleasure but it would also lead to extreme fatigue in early encounters and if taken too far could cause death.

From my research I was aware that it was likely that he would be back again.  The legends seemed to point out that an incubus was likely to return to the same few victims.  My logical mind said I should be afraid of this creature, this killer, but my sexual side was drawn to the idea of another such encounter.

I did have to admit that my intellectual curiosity was at an all time high, I needed to know more about this creature.  All that was known were legends, here I had the chance to learn more.  Once I found out more, then I can stop this, or so I told myself.

The next time he appeared to me I was more prepared than before and was on my guard.  This time instead of submitting instantly, I moved away when he went to touch me.

He still had that somewhat pale look that he'd had the time before.  This time however, his eyes did not hypnotize me.  Finally I found my voice and spoke.

"Who are you?  Why are you here?"

The answer I received astonished me, not because of content but because of how it arrived.  His lips never moved and he made no sound, but thoughts filled my mind.  His thoughts did not come to me like words, instead it came like images and feelings.  It is very hard to explain exactly what I experienced but I will try.

One of the first things I saw was sorrow, he didn't like what he had to do.  He hated that in having sex with someone it would lead to their death in most cases.  It felt wrong to him but he had no choice; this was what he was and it was his only way to survive.

He was not the monster that the legends had painted. He was compassionate, but lost and confused.  He was trapped in a world where all he could do was cause harm to others, even those he loved.  In the thoughts he shared with me was grief, agony, despair, love and love lost.

He could never quite show me how he had become the way he had, he did not know exactly, it was in a time before he could remember.  But the promise of pleasure even after all that I heard in legends and all that he had shown me caused me to invite him into my bed once again.

His skin was still cold to the touch, but it quickly warmed and solidified as got into our passionate lovemaking.  He kissed me like he had that first time and I felt the world spin around me.  I was safe in his arms, nothing could touch me in this whirlwind of pleasure.

Our bodies were intertwined together as we undulated in passion.  Then he sat up on top of me and took my erection in his hand, stroking it gently up and down.  With his other hand he traced his finger along my chin and down my throat, across my chest lightly touching each nipple and then down my stomach.

His actions were sending shivers down my spine.  I was lost in the ecstasy of the situation as he continued his stimulation.  Then he leaned over and flicked his tongue across the head of my cock, the sensation making me arch my back with a quick intake of breath and release it in a slow moan of passion.

Whatever else he might have been he knew what he was doing.  He swallowed the head of my cock, taking it in and sucking on it.  His tongue sliding around the ridge causing me to moan more loudly.  He began a bobbing motion up and down on my cock, sliding it in and out of his mouth, his tongue twining sinuously around the shaft, I knew I had given myself over to him completely.

Before I could reach orgasm he stopped.  At this point he was very solid and real, and looked and felt like a normal man, nothing like the pale specter he had been earlier.  He sat back up again, but instead of sitting down like he had earlier when he first started he lowered himself onto my cock - impaling himself on my shaft.

I described the earlier part as ecstasy and this went way beyond anything I'd ever felt before.  There is simply no way words can describe the feelings of pleasure coursing through my body.  The feeling of being inside him set me off immediately; there was no pain for him in penetration, and only pleasure for me.

I could not believe the feeling of being inside him.  So intense was the feeling that even after climax I stayed hard.  After my orgasm had faded, he began a slow riding motion.  His body bouncing up and down pounding my cock into his ass.  Slowly at first, then speeding up, then slowing down to prolong this intense feeling between us.

I pulled him to my chest and rolled him over, so that now I was on top. Slamming my hard cock into him as waves of pleasure pulsed through my body, and the feelings of his pleasure flowed through my mind, until finally our passion reached a crescendo with an orgasm that felt as if it should have shaken the stars from the sky.

I fell down on top of him, panting hard, barely able to breathe freely. He just sat there stroking my hair as I lay heaving on his chest.  When I had finally regained my breath he kissed me - very quickly - then he rolled me over onto my back.  He climbed out of bed and pulled the covers up over me, and as I watched he disappeared into the moonlight streaming through the window.

When I awoke it was late in the afternoon, I had slept for almost 14 hours.  When I looked in the mirror the face that looked back at me was pale with fatigue.  I looked like I had not slept at all the past night instead of just having slept for 14 hours.

Still I knew what to do. I had to restore the energy I had lost the night before, and that meant getting something to eat.  I fixed myself some soup, which warmed me and seemed to bring some of the color back to my skin.  As the day wore on my health improved markedly and over the next several days I returned to normal.

It was four days later when he returned to me.  Having shared his thoughts and the sexual relationship made me sensitive to his presence, I knew he would be coming that night.  When he appeared it was easy to see that where I had gotten better his appearance had worsened.

When he came over to kiss me the icy feel of his lips made me shiver.  But within seconds they had warmed and he kissed me forcefully as I kissed him with equal passion.  It was after we broke the kiss that I first noticed that he was now naked.  I had taken it for granted before that his clothes just seemed to disappear whenever we got close but now it seemed very strange to me.

When I asked him about it all he could relay was that he did not know, it simply happened.  Expecting the usual tide of feelings and images in his answers I was surprised to find that his thoughts now had a structure, not words exactly but I could interpret them like that.

There had been one question that I had wondered about since our last encounter: where did he vanish off to and where did he go during the daylight hours.  When I asked him this images started to stream into my mind, along with the word-like structures of thought.  I will attempt to interpret them for your understanding, but I must reinforce that these were not words by any means, merely my interpretation of what he showed me. Into my mind swept an image of the moon, and his tale began

"The incubi and succubae live in the night realm, a world very separate from yours, and this is where we exist during the daylight.  We are free to travel wherever the moonlight shines, which is how I came to you that first night.  The time of daylight is poison to us, for the light of the sun is against our nature, so we must follow the moonlight when it leaves the earth, or die.  The night realm is not a pleasant place to dwell. It is a place of darkness, absolute darkness. Not until the moon shines down on the earth are we able to see and it is then that our eyes are open to this world.  When we walk in this world we must look for someone to feed upon, for without their life-energy we will perish."

This is the tale that he relayed to me and now I'm relaying it on to you, so that this information can join the legends about the incubi and succubae.  I felt sorry for him, to be forced to roam the earth for only a short period of time then to return to utter darkness, alone and lost.

And so it was that I let him into my bed a third time, however this time I wanted more.  After our usual kissing I rolled him which solidified him and made him warm to the touch I rolled him onto his back and licked my way down his chest, stopping to suck briefly on each nipple before continuing on.  The taste of his skin was unlike anything I'd ever experienced before.  His skin was soft, almost like silk or velvet, as I ran my tongue across it.  His flavor was indescribable. If I had to put it into words I would have to say that it had no taste at all, but had every taste as well.

I know that description is pretty vague so I'll try to explain.  It wasn't like a human, it didn't have the usual flavor of a light sweat on it. In fact it really didn't have any taste to it at all but it did evoke a pleasure from the contact as though it were the pure essence of a flavor. It was sweet, so sweet that it was like someone had mixed, brown sugar, maple syrup, pure sugar cane and every other sweet flavor together and put that taste into his skin.  There was also a salty flavor to it and at the same time a kind of spiciness that cannot be described - like every spice known to man had been mingled together into a harmony as complex as one of Bach's concertos, while still being as simple as the sound of a cricket on a summer night.

Experiencing his unique flavor, I slid my tongue down his chest and down to his navel where I licked it, causing him to squirm with delight and sending echoes of his pleasure into my mind.  Then I continued down to his throbbing cock.

I ran my tongue along the satiny underside of his shaft up to the tip of his cock, and then back down to the base and his balls.  Licking my tongue in circles around each one, then taking them one at a time into my mouth, sucking on them and rolling them around in my mouth, savoring his flavor. Then I returned back to his cock nibbling my way up the underside until I reached the tip and then plunging my mouth down over the head.

Swirling my tongue around the satiny dome until I had him writhing in ecstasy, sending waves of pleasure through my mind as his thoughts poured into my head.  Then it was time, he lifted my head off his cock and drew me up to him till we were face to face again.  He kissed me, his tongue darting into my mouth and wrapping itself around my own.

When we broke the kiss he lifted his ass into the air and gripping my cock aimed it towards his hot hole.  Wasting no time I pushed forward and into him.  There was no pain for him just pleasure at the penetration, which occurred easily even without lubrication.

I pushed into him all the way the slowly slid back out until just the head remained in, then ramming forward again burying myself deep inside him. As the rhythm of pushing into him then withdrawing built up, I tried to remain in control, but the animal lust took over and I began to pummel his ass with almost reckless abandon.

Slamming into him again and again as passion surged through me like an ocean of fire consuming me.  Again and again I worked my way into his magical hole as the world spun around me in a exultant cry of sexuality and lust.  Finally the all-consuming pleasure raced me to that fantastic orgasm, sending me soaring among the stars, only to land back on Earth in his arms.

He stayed with me that night and I slept in his arms until just before the morning light crept in.  When I awoke without him I almost cried from the loss, but it did not last long for sleep was drawing me down again.

It was several nights later before he showed up again, where we had our talk and then continued into the wildest sexual frenzy that ever occurred on the face of the Earth.  Each time he would linger with me a little bit longer, staying with me until just before dawn's light could trap him. Each time I became more upset after he left.

Our relationship progressed over the several months I'd known him.  I fell in love with him, and even knowing what he was didn't bother me.  I'd come to know him well, and knew that he loved me too, and that was enough.

My health began to get worse with his every visit, and his visits became more frequent.  He is coming to meet me tonight, I can feel it.  I do not think I will live past this night, I have grown very weak and it is difficult to leave my bed.

Even knowing that being with him tonight will mean my death doesn't bother me; if I die in his arms I'll be happy.  With that thought I will leave you.  I have told my story now so that it can go down in the legends and possibly shed some light on these mysterious beings who are not monsters at all.

That is the tale of the incubus who found love and the human who loved him.  According to the legend their first kiss that night killed the human and the incubus held him in his arms until dawn light found them.  Now we can only hope that they are together wherever they are, and if they are together then I know that they are happy.  

The End

I hope you enjoyed this story, if you did please email me at some1yuno@hotmail.com for other stories that I've written.

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