Queer Horror
by SwampRat (1/20/99)

John and Mark were good friends. At least once a week they would meet in a bar and chat. Sometimes they would go back to Mark's place and have sex. Afterwards, John returned to his own apartment to clean himself up, leaving his sometimes lover to become 'just a friend' again. Deep down it hurt Mark a little - He was gay and enjoyed being gay. John on the other hand was... well, John. Whatever he was he was not gay - he just like looking at other men, and fantasizing about having sex with them. But he only did it with Mark, and only as a top. But he was definitely not gay!

One night they both had a little too much to drink, and Mark tried to talk his 'lover' into taking a cab home, but John disagreed. "I can drive." He got in the car, and Mark, shaking his head, got in as well. Not so much because he believed John could drive, but to make sure his friend got home alright.

As they went down the road, John got horny. He unzipped his pants and pulled his semi-hard dick out. Mark noticed and reached over to play with it, always enjoying the feel of a dick in his hand. Undoing his pants as well and playing with his own erection, then pumping them together. They both creamed so hard that they blacked-out for a moment. Just long enough to slam into an oak tree that was close to the road. When the firemen arrived they just watched the wreck finish burning, put out what remained of the car, and left the rest to the police.

It was ruled as an accident caused by oil on the road. A guard-rail was put around the bend, and a few attended the services (both bodies were burned to ash), saying what a shame that people had to go like that.

John awoke to find himself on the floor of a dark room. There seemed to be no windows, nor any door - just what felt like a bed and a single candle set into the wall. He wondered what the Hell was happening when suddenly the candle lit by itself. Blinded by the sudden glare, the man stumbled back and fell onto the bed. It was only then that he noticed he was naked. and that he wasn't alone. A creature stood on horse-hooves, strong back-bent legs sliding up into a muscular, almost human, body. The creature was rounded off with a canine muzzle topping the thick neck. 2 legs, 2 arms, 1 dick... and what a dick! Long as his forearm, a wrist-thick maleness swayed over a bull's ball-sack.

It swayed even more as the creature clopped up to him, giving the human a good look at the dark meat with its thick tip, throbbing veins, and spicy scent. A clawed hand gripped the base and lifted it up so it almost touched John's nose. He shrank back, putting up his hand. The log was slid into it, as the creatures hips move a little.

Shocked, John pulled completely away this time, scuttling back on the bed until his shoulders hit the wall. The monster growled and grabbed him, throwing him onto his belly. He swung a hairy leg over and mounte John's ass. John felt the thick, hot cock root around between his cheeks a few times before it stabbed inward. He screamed as it forced its way inside. His fingers clutched the sheets, helpless to stop the creature pulling his hips back. Shoving down in his tight ass, it growled lustily over him.

John tried not to enjoy being raped, at having his body abused and used for another's pleasure. But it truth, he did enjoy it. He liked feeling the thick meat move in and out of his ass. Soon he was pushing back, wanting more of the big dick. His own erection bobbed and dribbled pre-cum as the creature grunted, pushing his hips back at the hairy crotch.

"So you do like it." A gravely voice growled over him. John froze as the creature came deep in his guts. He shuddered. "And you like to feel cum splashing hot and wet inside you, don't you?"

He shook his head, still gripping the bed. "No ... no, I don't. I can't... I can't enjoy being fucked." He tried not to notice the meat hot and throbbing inside his ass, the squishy sounds of semen pumped into his butt. "I can't! That would make me a..."

"Queer!" The creature snarled in his ear, pulling the half-hard dick out of him, wiping it on his butt, and leaving. John curled up and whimpered, wishing he was someplace else. Wishing anything but.

Hooves clopped again on the floor, and again he was thrown on his stomach, a big piece of male-meat seeking, then stabbing itself in his ass. He cried out when fingers encircled his cock, stroking its already hard length, fighting the illicit pleasure.

Mark awoke in a carbon copy of the room. He shook his head and looked around, noticing he was naked. "Where am I?" he wondered aloud?

"Does it matter?"

He turned at the deep voice to stare at what could have been a twin to what was making John scream. "Wow..." Mark breathed, unable to take his eyes off the hunk. It showed its body off, hooves clopping on the floor as it turned, giving him a view of its round, masculine butt-cheeks. "Wow..." he said again, getting a chuckle from the creature. It looked over its shoulder at him and Mark needed no second invitation! He crossed the floor in two steps, slapping hand to ass, gripping the muscles. "Mmmmmmm." He nipped the hard shoulder softly, caressing the male's rear, panting over the beautiful guy - wolf head and horse-legs notwithstanding.

"You are getting me horny."

Mark laughed softly and pressed his aching hard-on into the hot cheeks. "Got ya beat." Mark whispered, moving his hands around to grip the rising cock. "Oh Wow!"

He had Dreamed about such dicks, stroking them, sucking them, having them up his rear until they blew all over. His hands gripped the creature's butt, holding it tight as he frigged the big male-meat. He knelt and nipped/kissed the cheeks, then rocked back as its pole swung into view. Fingers curled around the thickness, tugging it towards a salivating mouth. Mark sucked on the head, flicking it with his tongue, loving the taste, the size, the groans as he jerked what wouldn't fit, until with a roar, it exploded in his mouth. So much cum he couldn't drink it all and some dribbled down his chin and onto his chest. Still he stroked the creature's dick, keeping it erect.

He felt himself pulled up and the wolf-man kissed him, licking up the excess from around his mouth, delving in to french-kiss the man hotly. As he moaned and rubbed the big arms Mark was lifted, carried to the bed and kissed again. His legs were slipped up onto the beast's strong shoulders, his ass exposed to the throbbing pole. The human moaned, wriggling his hips, relishing the feeling of the thick head split him open and slide through his anus. There should have been pain, he thought. He was taking a dick the size of a horse inside him. But except for some twinges, mostly made by clawed fingers digging into his butt, or tweaking his nipples, all he felt was pleasure. That and a lust that threatened to engulf him.

The next thrust made him shudder. Soon after, he gripped the bed, arching his back as the monster cock thrust in and out of his ass. "Oh yesss! Do it! Fuck me." The being complied, pounding his tight ass roughly, biting at his nipples, stroking his hard dick. The explosion washed him away in a tide of lust and pleasure, feeling the big male laying over him, panting as loud as he. They lay together, caressing each other for some time. "That was the best." The wolf-being nodded and kissed him again, and then moved back.

"Please! leave it in me."

Hands gently untangled his legs. "I wish I could, but - I have other things to attend to. Maybe later we can lay together longer - My beautiful lover." The male moved away, vanishing into nothingness. Mark never noticed, hearing the word ring in his ears, content to just lay on the bed and wait. A hoof-clop made him open his eyes. "That was quick." The big hands rolled him onto his belly, lifted his hips and held him in place while the wolf-head nuzzled, bit, kissed, caressed, licked every inch of man-ass. Thumbs spread his sweaty cheeks and Mark howled as a hot tongue delved into his neither regions. Though he screamed, he was enjoying every moment.

Xarnrax looked at both men. At Mark, pushing his butt up at the demon eating it out, all the while gasping with pleasure. And at John, trying to pull away, trying not to feel the enjoyment the tongue brought him. He shook his head. "One man's heaven is another man's hell." With a snort he clopped off to see about the other Eternal Prisoners - or Guests... it only depended upon their perceptions.

The End  

Loosely based on a Night Gallery Episode By SwampRat ©1999 Gay Furry Association

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